The CRO Essential Guide: Sales Onboarding Best Practices

The CRO Essential Guide: Sales Onboarding Best Practices

New hire onboarding is central to any sales readiness strategy designed to improve productivity. Human resources and training departments are often tasked with the implementation of onboarding programs. While these programs work well for integrating new employees into a company and its culture, CROs need to take control from Day 1 of the outcomes important to them–building and maintaining sales-specific behaviors that provide insight and perspective to customers in order to drive value, while ensuring the sales process is aligned to the customer’s journey.

So, how do CROs quickly and predictably implement a system to ramp new sellers that drive deals to close faster and more profitably?

In this essential guide, CROs and revenue leaders will learn:

  • Which guiding principles should be considered before onboarding begins
  • How guiding principles should align with the strategic interests and realities of the business
  • Mindtickle’s learnings and observations from working with revenue leaders across a wide spectrum of companies