Transforming Sales Enablement with Next-Gen Sales Onboarding

Transforming Sales Enablement with Next-Gen Sales Onboarding

The future of sales onboarding and leadership

What’s in it for you:

After implementing an effective 30/60/90 day sales onboarding program, MongoDB chose not to rest on its laurels. The team evolved their onboarding program to increase the productivity of their sales reps and recruiting efficiency of their sales leaders using a milestone-based approach. Join us to learn what the evolution of sales onboarding means and how to leverage from the lessons learned by Jeremy Powers, Senior Director of Sales Enablement, to implement a similar program at your company.

Key topics discussed include:

  • Rethinking your onboarding program and structure for sales reps and leaders
  • How to create a best-in-class sales boot camp and feedback loop
  • The role that “just-in-time” training can play in ramping up your sales organization
  • How you can ramp up your sales leaders so they become elite recruiters and talent developers
  • Leveraging technology to coaching your reps on technical knowledge