Sales Enablement in Real Time

How to Deliver Sales Knowledge When it Matters

Your sales force is the most important conduit for delivering information and insights to buyers which help them make informed decisions. Yet, many sales enablement organizations continue to take ad hoc approaches in their attempts to empower sellers to have the right conversation with their buyers, at the right time.

Join Peter Ostrow, Senior Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies for SiriusDecisions, and Paulette Greene, Vice President of Professional Services for MindTickle as they discuss how high performing organizations have cracked the code of sales knowledge transfer: building an enablement model that takes into consideration the needs of the sellers, leverages the appropriate selling motion, and is integrated with a top-down sales learning strategy.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • How to avoid the typical pitfalls that afflict sales training and enablement professionals
  • Best practices in sales knowledge transfer that can be applied to your own organization
  • Ways to apply the selling motion and seller lifecycle to create learning programs that help improve seller performance and buyer satisfaction