A Better Way To Coach Your Sales Team

Salespeople need to have meaningful conversations to win over customers. These conversations can be complicated. MindTickle gives you the most effective way to equip sales reps for the conversations your buyers demand

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The role play capability allowed us to move from static learning to capturing talk tracks and skill demonstrations”

Chuck Marcouiller

Director of Sales Learning & Enablement

Transform Sales Coaching from Art to Science

With MindTickle, you can identify specific knowledge, skills and execution gaps in your sales team
and address them with scientific precision to ensure your reps are ready

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game


Enable your reps to practice, learn, and improve their selling skills even before they meet a buyer

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game


Involve subject matter experts from multiple teams to coach sales reps on relevant topics

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game


Provide sales leadership with information on the strengths and weaknesses of their team

Certify Messaging Of Sales Reps Before They Engage In Customer Conversations

No matter whether its new product launch, messaging certification, or a new hire onboarding, ensure your sales reps are certified on message delivery before they engage with customers. Provide reps a safe environment to practice elevator pitches and demos

  • Provide reps a safe environment to practice elevator pitches and demos
  • Get managers and subject matter experts to provide actionable feedback to sales reps
  • Create peer learning opportunities to improve overall messaging

Bridge the gap between sales strategy and execution

Agility is at the core of successful businesses. As a leader, aligning the sales team to changing strategy is crucial for organizational success

  • Enable your leaders to provide weekly business updates to the sales team
  • Ensure your sales reps are aligned with the key messages from marketing and product
  • Provide insights to your leaders on adoption of latest initiatives

Fix Readiness Gaps Proactively

There are several sales situations where sales reps have to follow a prescriptive process. You can have your managers with coaching templates to ensure sales reps get coached as per your plan

  • Set up workflows to automatically assign coaching tasks based on CRM triggers
  • Ensure that your sales team is getting coached at the moment of truth

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