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Set Up Your Sales Reps For Success, Drive Predictable Revenue

As a sales leader you have two levers to drive topline growth. You can increase capacity through hiring, or get more out of your existing team by improving their sales execution and effectiveness. Hyper growth companies apply both levers, and are making sales excellence the centerpiece of their business strategy.

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It is no wonder that our top-performing reps are also the top reps in MindTickle.

Joe Sexton

President of Field Operations

Improve sales metrics

B2B sales becomes more challenging every passing day. Buyers are more informed and demanding. Your sales reps have to be prepared to demonstrate their mastery of the message and process excellence at every step of the opportunity lifecycle.

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game


Win rates against competition

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game


Time to productivity

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game


More leads from outbound

Prepare your reps to shine At the moment of truth

On the surface, sales appears to be a sequence of interactions. But in reality, you know that your reps need to add value at every touchpoint with your prospects. Every step of the sales process is a critical gate. Prepare your reps to achieve success by ensuring they are completely aligned with your message and sales process.

We can help:

  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Improve objection handling
  • Increase quota attainment
Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game

Your rep wins the deal and the prospect becomes a champion

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game

Your prospect gains confidence in your rep, your product and your new partnership

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game

Prospect raises a competitive objection

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game

Rep handles the objection and plants a competitive landmine

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game

Rep is equipped with the right competitive intel

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game

Your rep tailors their response to address your prospect’s questions

Role Play

Equip your managers with the data to drive accountability

Don’t depend on anecdotes and guesswork to measure your team’s readiness. With MindTickle, you enable your managers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of their reps and remediate the gaps effortlessly,

We can help your managers:

  • Identify messaging and knowledge gaps
  • Identify 'A players' faster during onboarding
  • Drive consistency in coaching across individuals and teams

Generate predictable revenue with MindTickle!

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