Sales Readiness Index™

Sales Readiness Index™

Sales Readiness Index™ connects seller competencies, sales execution and revenue outcomes

The Revenue Leaders’ Treasure Map

Sales Readiness Index™ is a quantified measurement identified by correlating core competencies of a seller (i.e. their knowledge and skills) with insights from real sales conversations and customer feedback. By working towards increasing the Sales Readiness Index™ of each seller, a revenue leader can predictably ensure that the seller has a personalized path to sales readiness that maximizes their ability to drive desired business outcomes and be successful. Sales Readiness Index™ is the revenue leader’s data-driven guide towards building and scaling a successful team.

Being In Tune with the Market

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing buying environment, it is important to realize that the set of right seller competencies are constantly evolving with the changes in buyer preferences and the alternatives available to them. Sales Readiness Index™ is a self-correcting measure that factors real business outcomes and customer feedback, and thereby re-aligns itself with the changing market scenarios and expectations. This enables revenue leaders to identify such trends by tracking their team’s Sales Readiness Index™, and prioritizing to train, coach and prepare their sellers for the competencies what the market currently demands.