Enhanced Sales Training With Interactive Gamification

Integrate design interactive features with sales readiness for enhanced enablement in your selected field of work.

Enhanced Sales Training With Interactive Gamification

Integrate design interactive features with sales readiness for enhanced enablement in your selected field of work.

Encourage Sales Reps Collaboration

Reduce the gap between independent and remote sales reps to let them connect and collaborate through a gamified system.

With the advent of digitization, the distance between sales teams has reduced significantly. Remote and independent sales reps can now work with better collaboration regardless of the distances with the help of a gamified system. Not only does gamification create a collaborative environment for sales professionals, but it also recognizes top achievers and promotes friendly competition among the reps. Collaborating encourages sales teams to share their expertise and knowledge, thus integrating the best practices at work.

Boosts Employee Dialogue

Collaborative gamification encourages communication between team members for overcoming challenges and reducing problems.

Sales reps do not always feel connected to front-line managers and superiors when it comes to mentorship. But, through Mindtickle’s gamified sales readiness platform, the interaction between sales reps and managers is much more comfortable and direct. Gamification also adds a competitive leader board displaying the best-performing peers in a sales team. The reps will then be encouraged to ask managers for inputs and strategies for pitching clients and closing deals. As a result, all the sales team members can be inspired to work more efficiently due to increased communication between teams.

A Centralized System For Data-Sharing

Integrate and adapt gamification with existing CRM to create a cooperative and centralized portal of data-sharing among sales reps.

Salespersons in the past were more focused on competing with one another while working on individual deals. While it wasn’t bad, it discouraged underperforming sales reps due to improper training, enablement, and readiness. Gamification eliminates such negativities by centralizing the system with optimized data-sharing capabilities. Using Mindtickle’s AI-driven analytics ensures that every little update is processed in real-time so that all team members can access it on-the-go. And, all this data connects each member of the team regardless of their physical location. Eventually, team members are always connected through a digital panel helping each other readily sort out problems efficiently.

Sales Training In A Fun Way

Enable sales reps to compete in an amicable way to encourage them to learn, thrive, and improve all the way.

Promoting sales training in a fun way can help the salespersons in a team feel ambitious and inspired. Gamifying training methods, onboarding sessions, and sales readiness programs can help professionals learn the techniques with excitement. With the real-time embedding of sales coaching in daily management, reps have a better chance of learning without wasting time. Adding a friendly competition on the side encourages every team member to perform better every day. Sales gamification does not discourage underperformers. Instead, it inspires them to do well with an ongoing score or achievement level graded to each rep based on individual performance. Additionally, the top-performers’ methods are centrally shared through a cloud-based system for helping each sales rep in a team grow.

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