Maintain Knowledge Retention Consistency With Microlearning

Enhance sales-readiness among team members through Mindtickle’s virtual microlearning  and sales coaching.

Maintain Knowledge Retention Consistency With Microlearning

Enhance sales-readiness among team members through Mindtickle’s virtual microlearning  and sales coaching.

Systematic Learning for Better Sales Rep Engagement

Strengthen the knowledge retention abilities of your sales team when you indulge them in sales training successively.

Sales training needs to be strategic so that sales reps can retain and utilize what they learn. Burdening them too much can become counterproductive, as most salespersons might not incorporate the new information within their busy schedules. That’s why Mindtickle integrates microlearning to help each sales team member learn using smaller, easy-to-consume ‘bite-sized’ content over time. Microlearning is a powerful strategy for easy deployment and faster development of individuals. Additionally, this program, accompanied by AI- and cloud-driven analytics, ensures better retention of learners’ concepts and engagement. It further prepares sales reps to use customer-targeted information while closing deals, thus increasing their success rate.

Fast and Efficient Sales Onboarding

Decrease the ramp time for training newly hired reps and increase their efficiency for developing stronger selling skills.

Learning sales skills and concepts can take time unless you incorporate a powerful program like microlearning. Integrating this systematic scheme with a mobile-ready portal makes it faster for salespersons to grasp everything during the sales onboarding process. Microlearning boosts their retention power to understand complex skills and technicalities within much less time than other methods. It unlocks their full potential with better productivity over time. As a result, you can reduce the time, money, and effort to create a powerful and effective sales team. Microlearning through Mindtickle also utilizes the power of the cloud to help sales reps deal with customer-facing situations, prospect challenges, competitors, and the marketplace.

Real-time Sales Training Support

Enhance your sales reps’ sales reps with the powerful, mobile-friendly, and virtual portal ready for prompt operations.

To beat your competitors, you need a sales team that closes prospects with targeted information in real-time. Microlearning provides easy-to-access information through Mindtickle’s virtual platform, which is easily accessible through any smart device having access to the internet. Additionally, this learning program ensures that the sales reps receive updated information targeted towards that specific client. Instant updates through a portable device ensure sales readiness and make it much easier to answer customer-related questions on the go.

Higher Agility to Compete Productively

Empower the sales team with a strategic learning pattern to stay ahead of your competitors.

Sales marketing requires proactive determination, readiness, and capabilities to succeed in closing deals. And that’s what every competing sales rep is trying to achieve through a different sales coaching technique. Mindtickle’s virtual microlearning program is a way to counter all other sales training methods with a progressive, simple, and apropos sales coaching routine. With it, you can develop a customer-ready sales team, which can answer all their queries better than competitors. Microlearning’s high adaptability, combined with the power of AI-driven analytics, transforms traditional outlook to match with the present-market concepts. As a result, you have a better grasp of old and new clients when engaging them with higher knowledge retention.

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