Enable Smarter Processes For New Hire Orientation

Digitize your new hire orientation program to improve sales training efficiency.

Enable Smarter Processes For New Hire Orientation

Digitize your new hire orientation program to improve sales training efficiency.

Simplify and personalize your learning programs for new reps to help them get used to the work culture.

It can be challenging for new members to get used to the work ethics at a firm. That’s where platforms like Mindtickle feature employee-centric orientation modules to create a fun and easy way of adapting the status quo without too much burden. One such method of helping new employees work progressively to match the existing team members is through gamified programs. Such portals can be designed specifically for the new personnel with mobile-friendly applications, giving them a welcoming and engaging tour of your department. That helps to decrease the time and effort it usually takes for traditional orientations done by HRs and managers. Thus, the efficiency of the work stays unhindered.

Ensure better engagement among new employees and managers to create a powerful and centralized sales team network.

Whether it’s sales or any other department, employment orientation is a standard procedure that helps the new member become a part of the team. Thanks to technology, this method has dramatically improved with the use of digital features. But, with Mindtickle’s compliant platform, your existing orientation program operates at even a higher level. It lets all employees, including higher-ups at the corporate hierarchy, directly or indirectly coordinate to familiarize the new employee with the work culture. This streamlined portal that connects everyone is a resourceful way of interacting, collaborating, inspecting, and reviewing new reps for developing a stronger team.

Enable new employees to be familiarize more efficiently by socializing with every other member of the team.

The work culture at sales departments is usually competitive, making sales reps work most of the time independently. As a result, many old team members may not be too amicable towards rookies. That can also make the new sales rep pessimist, thus affecting his/her full potential. A centralized orientation session can resolve this issue by helping each member collaborate more openly. Mindtickle offers a platform to help members work as a team despite not being present physically. It also allows managers and executives to learn about employees with leadership skills and other qualities to benefit the firm in the long run.

Accomplish appraisals using a quick and efficient system to help the new employees know their progress report. 

With integrated feedback sessions through adaptive modules, your new hire orientation program lets each employee be graded on the go. Utilizing a centralized digital platform authorizes multitasking operations to provide all the results, advice, and recommendations at one spot. With state-of-the-art encryption, every sales rep has access to an independent account for learning about their progress from the very first day of work. Feedback added by managers and higher-ups further construct positivity among new employees to help them progress with the team at an efficient rate. It’s a quick and easy way to understand each employee’s current level of expertise for the betterment of the sales team.

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