State of Remote Readiness Report

We surveyed 120+ revenue leaders in collaboration with Revenue Collective to find out how they’re preparing their sales teams to execute their organization’s game plan for 2021.

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What’s on revenue leaders minds

Discover the most pressing initiatives and problems they are looking to solve.

Barriers that prevent effective training

Only 8% say their sales training is highly effective. Find out how to change that!

Most impactful trends

From bleeding-edge sales readiness techniques to resourcing to discovering the right tech stack.

In the State of Remote Readiness Report, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between sales training, sales enablement, and sales readiness
  • Key takeaways to achieve predictable revenue growth
  • How to establish a baseline of success and catalyze that with the right tech and tools

67% of revenue leaders

are focused on the same top 3 initiatives to maximize productivity in the current remote working environment.

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