Introducing Asset Hub: The First Sales Content Manager Built for Sales

As marketers, we tend to think pretty highly of our content and the role it plays in helping generate revenues, but drawing a direct line between content and results is misleading. After all, salespeople close the business, not us. The reality is that as much as 90% of our content goes unused by sales, and according to Sirius Decisions, marketing efforts are far less effective unless they’re aligned with the needs of a sales organization.

Sales content management software really helps align sales and marketing, but more often than not, these products are justified by marketing based on the ability to tie content to revenue. At Mindtickle, we think sales content management should be more about sales while still providing all the good stuff for marketing.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Asset Hub from Mindtickle, the first sales content management software built for sales. Asset Hub was created from the ground up, and it’s tightly integrated into the Mindtickle Sales Readiness Platform. This last part – integration with Mindtickle – is really important, and here’s why:

We all know that salespeople spend more time selling than they do in formal training, so access to just-in-time assets is really important to help them move deals along and maintain consistent messaging. The challenge is what kind of assets they need. Sure, brochures and slides are really helpful – especially when contextualized to each selling situation, but reps also need easy-to-consume, just-in-time training as well, and more than just a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. They need to know what good looks like, be reminded about winning approaches, and be able to practice their pitches in a safe space – all just-in-time, anywhere, and anytime.

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And that’s exactly what Asset Hub delivers. Because it’s part of the Mindtickle platform, Asset Hub automatically has access to all of the deep sales enablement training, practice, and reinforcement content already on the platform, as well as all of the conversation intelligence content from Call AI, Mindtickle’s integrated conversation intelligence solution.

How sales content can drive deals forward

Let’s say one of your reps is targeting a conversation with the CFO of a large tech company. She may have been trained on selling to tech or selling to CFOs, or maybe both, but maybe it’s not a persona she talks to every day or industry she normally covers. If she wants to succeed, she needs more than a few marketing assets and some documents to read. Instead of what she’d find in a typical sales content manager, Asset Hub delivers highly contextualized training to prepare her:

    • An example of a successful conversation between a top rep and a similar prospect, highlighting the winning behaviors that enabled the rep to gain interest and generate an opportunity
    • Short microlearning videos from internal SMEs about CFO personas and selling to tech companies
    • Reinforcement quizzes that jog her memory about selling to this persona and industry
    • Role-play practice exercises that enable her to practice her pitch with AI-powered feedback before she has the conversation with her buyer

Once she’s able to establish interest and create an opportunity, then she can use Asset Hub to get ready for her next meeting:

    • Share and track viewership of marketing content to increase interest across the organization
    • Watch a sales presentation from one of her teammates
    • See training from Sales Enablement or Marketing on how to use the pitch deck
    • Practice the deck with AI-generated feedback
    • Share the practice pitch with others for feedback from respected teammates

…and so on, all the way until the deal closes.

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How sales content can be a training tool

She’s connected to Asset Hub during every step of her journey, always ensuring she’s ready to give her best at every step in the process. Even better, her content usage is being tracked, so when she closes the deal, sales leadership can track her activities – the training she consumes, the tools she uses, the external-facing material she shares, etc. – to identify and promote the behaviors (not just the content) that help reps close more deals.

And that’s how Asset Hub differs from other sales content management solutions. While every vendor touts the use of their platforms for sales enablement, their focus is typically on content alone rather than the content and behaviors that win deals. Mindtickle differs because Asset Hub is part of our comprehensive sales readiness platform. Through its interaction with each of the planks of Mindtickle’s platform (listed below), Asset Hub offers far more benefits than a stand-alone sales content management platform:

  • Define excellence

Because Mindtickle enables our customers to identify the winning behaviors that make top reps successful, these skills and activities can be translated into a blueprint for creating the just-in-time microlearning, sample conversations, reinforcement activities, and other best practices that are contextualized to every selling situation in Asset Hub. And by tracking the way content is accessed and used in Asset Hub – and its correlation with business outcomes – sales organizations will be able to update and refine their definition of winning behaviors over time.

  • Build knowledge

Unlike other solutions, Asset Hub can draw from the entirety of content that has been created or curated for sales enablement purposes. Rather than having to start from scratch or create some static connection from existing content, native integration with Mindtickle increases the impact and ROI of your enablement content.

  • Align content

This is Asset Hub’s domain: aligning content from sales enablement and marketing to meet the just-in-time needs of salespeople in the field, and then feeding back the data that helps organizations define and refine the winning behaviors that close deals.

  • Analyze performance

With Mindticle’s Call AI conversation intelligence solution, sales organizations can use call scores to easily identify winning behaviors in real-world sales interactions and then correlate them to the scenarios where they can act as best practices. Contextualizing real-world examples of winning behaviors for just-in-time use in Access Hub gives salespeople a clear model for upcoming interactions and provides them valuable insights so they can make the most of every activity.

  • Optimize behavior

Mindtickle facilitates a coaching culture by identifying each rep’s strengths and weaknesses and then empowering managers to coach salespeople to better performance. With Asset Hub, reps and managers can “favorite” the content and activities that will help remediate skill gaps, helping sales teams focus on the winning behaviors that will help them achieve better results.

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