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Hang Black
VP of Global Revenue Enablement
The power of Mindtickle is hyper-personalizing without overcomplicating.

About Juniper Networks

  • Leader in computer network infrastructure solutions.
  • Develops networking products like routers, switches, management software and security solutions.
  • Works with customers across industries , including manufacturing , retail, media, education, telecommunications and healthcare.

The challenge

  • Juniper Networks has a large and complex portfolio of technical solutions and sells into multiple distinct markets.
  • As a result, its sales team needs to be armed with a lot of information.
  • It is the responsibility of the enablement team to provide competency applications at scale, while maintaining consistency.
  • The company is also passionate about hiring quality talent and retaining employees, so the enablement team seeks to provide the support and resources each individual needs to progress in their career.

The solution

  • Mindtickle is a significant factor in the way Hang Black, VP of Global Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks, positions and grows the value of the enablement function within the organization.
  • The team has been able to continuously innovate their enablement strategy and quantify its impact using Mindtickle and, in doing so, they’ve not only transformed business results, but cemented their position as trusted advisors to the chief revenue officer (CRO) and sales leadership team.
  • “Sales enablement is a scaling function of our business — I believe that if you get it wrong, you won’t be successful,” says Derrell James, CRO, Juniper Networks.

The impact

  • Grew sales achievement 47% Year over Year.
  • ​Implemented a process for consistent training across internal sellers and the external channel ecosystem. ​
  • Developed hyper-personalized and relevant learning to reps across all levels.​​
  • A 65-75% adoption rate from Mindtickle users , compared to a historical 14-16% rate for webinar attendance. ​
  • Streamlined content management for effective partner enablement. ​