Our Customer Stories

Learn how Mindtickle customers develop skills, increase sales, and fuel brand affinity

Dr. Somnath Datta
Head of Commercial Excellence
"A platform with robust analytics and features to support sales readiness in the field has been at the heart of our entire sales learning and development transformation."
Mathew Feldman
VP Global Enablement
"Mindtickle helps us standardize and scale enablement across 7 brands in 12 countries while also helping us repurpose content for future onboarding and ever-boarding."
Jeremy Powers
Regional Vice President, Australia & New Zealand
"With Mindtickle, we have fine-tuned our onboarding program, from the bootcamps to advanced sales training. We've reduced ramp time from 11+ months down to 6 which is just tremendous."
Carolyn Montgomery
VP of Sales
"Quickly transitioning to a virtual event wouldn't have been possible without Mindtickle! Assigning learning content at scale and driving interaction was key to the success of our event!"
Nilanthi Jayasuriya
Sales Enablement L&D Manager
“With dispersed teams working remotely across the globe, Mindtickle is poised to play a huge part in the way we engage our employees moving forward."
Varun Jalota
Associate Director of Training & Quality
"Mindtickle provides a completely secure and personalized learning ecosystem for our talent and has enabled us to take machine learning and assessments to our business partners."

Introhive Gets New Hires Up and Running Faster, Boosts Productivity with Mindtickle

ThousandEyes Drives Multiple Learning Paths with Data-Driven Sales Readiness

Infoblox Adopts a Single-Platform Approach with Mindtickle for Enablement, Content, and Conversation Intelligence

Medallia streamlines onboarding with Mindtickle

PriceLabs Uses Mindtickle Call AI to Train, Onboard Reps, and Fine-Tune Products

Mindtickle Streamlines Onboarding to Support Nextep’s Growth

Mindtickle’s Call AI Helps Turing Video Fine Tune Its Enablement Program, Keep All Reps “On Script”

Splunk Fosters Culture of Coaching With Mindtickle

Factomart increases sales knowledge with Mindtickle

Cipla takes learning 100% virtual without skipping a beat

Enabling Faster, Scalable, and More Effective Onboarding with Mindtickle

Alexion Pharmaceuticals Has Reimagined Meetings and Training with Mindtickle

ORCA Life Becomes Remote and Ready with Mindtickle

Unisys’ Creative Mindtickle Launch Drives Adoption and Engagement

CM Group Drives Virtual Onboarding and Consistent Messaging with Mindtickle

Procore Achieves Excellence with Structured Sales Enablement and Onboarding

MongoDB reduced their ramp time by 45% with Mindtickle.

Unum takes its sales enablement to the next level with smart automation

Mindtickle’s analytics-driven sales enablement platform enabled reps to hone their sales skills and quickly understand new product technologies.

Integrace Health enables sales team from the top-down with Mindtickle

Investment Management Firm Structures Sales Enablement to Raise Sales Standards

Precision medicine technology company scales a strategic onboarding experience for remote teams

Leading enterprise security company scales revenue and accelerates time to closed-won deals

SecureAuth establishes best practices and certifies reps are ready to sell with Mindtickle.

Veracyte sharpens its approach to sales with digitized readiness programs

Ola Cabs reduced classroom training time by 16% while simplifying their enablement process and providing a secure and personalized learning experience for their reps with Mindtickle.

Elmo Motion Control enabled their reps to be more successful when interacting with customers by providing engaging knowledge from the start, developing their skills through role-plays and coaching, and supporting best practices with peer-to-peer learning.

TurnKey Vacation Rentals Transcends Simple Training Software to Scale Pipeline Growth with Mindtickle

Mulesoft uses Mindtickle for new message certification

Viewpoint deployed Mindtickle as part of a structured onboarding program, achieving 60% year-over-year improvement in average time to first booked deal from 130 to 52 days.

Case study on how a leading pharma company leverages a modern sales readiness platform for onboarding, ride-along coaching, drug detailing, training and certification.

Cloudera uses Mindtickle for faster onboarding and ongoing enablement.

Mindtickle powers end-to-end readiness at AppDynamics

Qualtrics streamlines sales readiness for new hires and existing sales reps.

Forescout certifies sales rep messaging via Mindtickle.