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Juniper Networks’ CRO Identifies Enablement Transformation as Critical Factor to 47% YOY Sales Growth

The Mindtickle team has not just been a partner to me but also everyone at Aurigo who has been trying to work on their respective focus areas. It can be
Laura Bailey
Senior Manager Marketing Operations, Aurgio Software Technologies
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As a single source of truth for our sales content Digital Sales Rooms makes it easy for us to curate, manage, and distribute content to our sellers. Our sales and
Christina Anderson
Head of Content, SaaScend
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With Call AI, we can capture every word of a customer call, which provides concrete direction on how to make our product better and also identify gaps where our sales
Richie Khandelwal
President and Co-Founder
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The recordings and transcripts provided by Call AI are a prime piece of business intelligence for me. This allows me to coach my team to more wins and emphasize what’s
Greg Myers
Regional Vice President Sales
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We began all of this with a defined governance model and operational processes, executive buy-in and champions across the company, metrics to map back to, and a plan to ensure
Krishna Saw
Director of Digital Transformation & Adoption
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MindTickle is now part of our sales development. Without it we would not be able to develop our salespeople.
Vikan Chirawatpongsa
CEO & Co-founder
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The benefits of MindTickle are both in front of the screen and behind the screen. Front of the screen is the gamification and interactivity of the content. Behind the scenes
Anindya Bhattacharyya
Director and Head, Sales and Marketing Academy
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