Frontline Sales Managers

Spread winning behaviors that drive team performance.

Get your team to the finish line with a platform built for frontline sales managers

Boost your coaching and elevate your team’s productivity

The best leaders help their reps improve their long-term skills — because consistent growth leads to becoming a top performer. Identify every rep’s skill gaps with the Ideal Rep Profile™ (IRP) and compare in-field behaviors. Then, use those insights to build a personalized coaching program for your team.

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Guide your team to readiness.

Get ready for constant change. Better your productivity with data-driven and in-field readiness
programs that address everyone’s needs on your team.

Identify Winning Behaviors

Create an Ideal Rep Profile™ to benchmark the skills and knowledge of top-performing reps.

Address Skill Gaps

Understand the right approach to training and coaching that helps your team members thrive — all with AI-powered conversation intelligence.

Streamline Message Consistency

Recommend content that converts based on usage and guide marketing and enablement on your future content needs.

Deliver Personalized Coaching

Coach reps based on their own needs, so they can replicate winning behaviors across the board.

Improve Overall Team Performance

Maximize your reps’ potential by making updates to training and enablement, creating a steady state of success on your team.

Splunk Fosters Sales Coaching Culture

We began all of this with a defined governance model and operational processes, executive buy-in and champions across the company, metrics to map back to, and a plan to ensure
Krishna Saw
Director of Digital Transformation & Adoption
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Stop depending on a handful of reps to make numbers happen for the entire team.

Deliver personalized coaching with tools for frontline sales managers.

Are you relying on your top team members to produce the majority of your revenue? Get to the root cause of why some reps aren’t producing the results you want, and guide them with training — so they crush every quota, every time.


The 2024-2025 Chief Revenue Officer + Sales Leader Outlook Report

750+ sales leaders share the responsibilities and challenges they face as well as the technologies they use.

Start Driving Results with the Readiness Platform

The tools you need for a quota-crushing team

With an integrated readiness platform, your team can achieve a steady state of success. See how
Mindtickle makes readiness a reality.

Readiness Index

Define your Ideal Rep Profile™ and connect skills and behaviors with sales success.

Conversation Intelligence

Understand field performance during customer interactions.

Sales Coaching

Optimize performance and address skill gaps through personalized coaching.

Frontline Manager Customer Stories

My experience with Mindtickle and the team has been nothing short of amazing. From incredible customer service to the overall functionality and power of the platform, we’ve been able to
Mattie Stremic
Head of the Academy
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Right now, we have to be very adaptable to things that are changing. The way people learn is very different. There is still this propensity to make a PowerPoint but
Cole Lindbergh
Sales Enablement Manager, Revenue Operations
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When our CEO and CRO said ‘Hey! We need a common sales methodology, a common language within the team, a common way that we operate and process,’ we knew that
Jeremy Powers
Regional Vice President, Australia & New Zealand at MongoDB
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Coach your reps to success with tools for frontline sales managers

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