Meet Copilot

Your generative AI productivity assistant

Copilot helps you work faster and smarter

Combine the power of your enablement and revenue operations data with generative AI so you can focus on your most important jobs – selling more and delighting customers.

Uplevel GTM roles

Create training and practice exercises quickly.


Get insights faster

Quickly get answers to make data-driven decisions.

Automate the annoying

Have Copilot tackle the manual everyday tasks.


Maintain security

Utilize an enterprise-ready generative AI solution.

Discover data-driven insights faster

Copilot analyzes calls and reports to get you the answers you need quickly.

Review calls in seconds with the ability to ask Copilot questions like “Where did my prospect have objections?” or “What competitor was mentioned in this call?”

Gain a real understanding of your enablement analytics with the ability to ask Copilot questions like ‘What region is struggling with Objection Handling?’ or ‘Which managers are coaching their reps the most?’

Create engaging enablement experiences quickly

Launching engaging and impactful programs takes time. Copilot can create engaging practice and reinforcement modules quickly.

Have Copilot create an assessment based on learning content to quickly and succinctly test knowledge.

Have Copilot create a sales or renewal simulation to practice and hone skills and messaging before money is on the line.

Copilot - Email

Execute revenue-generating interactions exceptionally

Stop wasting time on call prep and meeting follow-ups. Have Copilot assist in delivering engaging and tailored buying experiences quickly.

Prep faster and better, asking Copilot what you need to know about calls, so you can spend more time on personalized and strategic account and deal tasks.

When sharing assets and collateral with customers and prospects, have Copilot quickly draft a professional and contextual email about the content.

Uphold security and ethical standards

Along with the rapid adoption of generative AI for business purposes, comes a wave of security concerns regarding the sharing of sensitive and proprietary information. Unlike publicly available forms of AI like ChatGPT, Mindtickle’s Copilot was created for enterprises with highest levels of security and compliance.

  • Mindtickle will not use the ChatGPT product of OpenAI and will only use generative language models offered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI and AWS Bedrock services.
  • Mindtickle’s model will not learn from or share customer data across instances
  • Additional information will not be fetched to enrich users’ personal information or to identify additional information about an individual
  • Customers’ confidential or personal information is never permanently stored with Microsoft Azure OpenAI, AWS Bedrock, or any other machine learning systems.
  • Mindtickle has opted out of sharing customer information for training or improving the AI models, even in the pseudonymized or anonymized form.
  • Mindtickle complies with global privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA while processing customer personal information through the use of AI models.
  1. AI should be used for good
  2. AI should prevent bias and discrimination
  3. AI should be safe and reliable
  4. People should be in control of AI
  5. AI should be transparent and accountable