One Platform to Drive Sales Productivity

Analyze. Train. Coach. Enable. Forecast.

Fewer apps for sellers to use

Enablement, ops, and sales managers work toward the same goal – higher quota attainment. But they build their own “best-of-breed stacks” that do not share data, workflows, or automation. The end result? Reps deal with 10+ interfaces everyday and you spend more than $5,000 per rep per year.

Mindtickle gives you one interface to do it all – onboard, train, and coach reps, engage buyers with content, analyze sales conversations, measure account risks, and forecast deals.

Analyze sellers like you analyze deals

While your CRM is the single source of truth on opportunities and contacts, there is no source of truth about your seller. So how do you predict who is more likely to succeed and whose forecast isn’t reliable?

Mindtickele’s Readiness Index, built on Ideal Rep Profiles, scores reps on their knowledge, skills, and day-to-day behaviors. Sales leaders can easily benchmark reps with peak performers and identify leading indicators of success. Enablement can personalize trainings to skill gaps and ops can call the numbers more confidently.

The top sales teams use our platform

More than 250 Fortune 500 companies and 1.5M global users say Mindtickle is critical to driving more wins.

With Mindtickle :

47% YoY Sales Growth

50% Reduce in Ramp

$200K Increase in Avg Rep Productivity

95% Forecast Accuracy

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On G2 Minditckle is a leader in :

  • Sales onboarding and training
  • Sales enablement
  • Conversation intelligence
  • Revenue Intelligence & operations
  • Sales performance management
  • Sales coaching

Seeing is believing

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