The most trusted readiness platform, powering companies of all sizes

No matter the size of your organization, MindTickle makes your unique workflows scale, while ensuring best-in-class security and performance.

The most trusted readiness platform, powering companies of all sizes

No matter the size of your organization, MindTickle makes your unique workflows scale, while ensuring best-in-class security and performance.

Governance Infrastructure


Administer complex programs, bringing together all the users &
contents you need, powered by intelligent automation that makes it
effortless and errorless

User Management

Scale with control across your
business and geographies

Connect with your favourite user directory
  • Seamless login experience for everyone using your favourite directories
  • Always-up-to-date rich profile information in custom defined user profiles
  • Personalize learning paths to target specific user profiles
  • Define custom learning paths on the basis of profile and performance
  • Set-up coaching workflows and roll-up reports on the basis of hierarchies
  • Access controls for content development, distribution and analytics
  • Custom-define roles that fit your organizational structure and processes

Program Management

Create, run and manage sales enablement programs at scale.
Structure and deliver all your content efficiently and effectively.

Program creation and structuring
  • Use different Modules to implement any enablement scenario: Course for extensive learning, Quick Update for micro-learning, Assessment for measuring and baselining, ILT for classroom and webinar, Checklist for offline activity tracking.
  • Structure programs using Series, Sections and Modules. Organize the program by grouping Modules into Sections inside a Series
  • Add and manage collaborators to create and review program content together with SMEs.
  • Design the most effective learning experience for your reps by building sequential learning paths and applying gamification, such as points and badges.
  • Assign relevant programs to reps, and track their progress over time.
  • Create and publish content on a cadence for ongoing programs, like Product Updates, Win Stories, or Competition Updates. Update static programs, like Onboarding or Certifications, when required for a particular audience.
  • Manage and automate communication emails. Additionally, manage business rules like ‘Link Group to Series,’ which assigns users to a Series as soon as they are added to a Group.

Content Management

Create, upload and update content, quiz questions and polls in MindTickle. Or source already-made content with ease to make it discoverable within MindTickle to provide a single source of truth.

Content curation
  • No matter the size or format, upload documents, videos, images, gifs, presentations, SCORM content into MindTickle
  • Create videos using native content creation capabilities
  • Pick and choose from 10 different types of quizzes & polls and mix them into the content to drive engagement
  • Segment your content across all programs into logical chunks
  • Easily find and re-use your learning content across programs
  • Allow reps to discover content with ease through MindTickle’s suggestive search capabilities
  • Enrich content further by adding keywords that deliver accurate results that enable reps to spend more time in front of the customer


As the global leader in sales readiness, MindTickle runs on a cloud infrastructure that leading enterprises across the globe trust for business-critical services.

Enterprise-grade readiness

Enforcing enterprise-grade readiness through industry standard certifications and compliance with global regulations.

Data security

Data security ensured through best-in-class industry practices aligned with regulatory standards and compliances
Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Hosted on industry-leading highly secure cloud infrastructure distributed across the globe providing scalability and accelerated delivery of contents

Advanced Threat Protection

Extensive security measures for always-on detection, threat monitoring, regular vulnerability assessments, and automated in-line mitigations

Strongest-grade Data Security

Data at rest and in transit encrypted with additional layered security through secure Single Sign-On methods and granular role-based access control

Privacy By Design

Privacy controls aligned with industry and regulatory compliance through powerful customer and personal data protection practices and control