Mindtickle Partnerships Add Firepower to Customers’ Vertical GTM Strategy

By Kevin Matsushita

If there is one thing we at Mindtickle have learned in our ceaseless pursuit to create a world-class Sales Readiness platform, it is the value of a strong partner ecosystem. Broadly speaking, partners enrich our market-leading offering, complementing the robust Mindtickle platform with the extra muscle needed to drive revenue growth faster and foster a culture of sales readiness for our customers. Some partnerships add to this by making it possible for Mindtickle to offer an even greater go-to-market value. Performance Solutions International (PSI), SalesSparx, and Menemsha Group are three such partners.

The vertical play with SalesSparx
Having a vertical go-to-market strategy has become increasingly important for companies today. While many technology products and solutions have historically been sold horizontally — across many industries — having a vertical-specific go-to-market strategy allows companies to capitalize on growth potential in particular markets. With this in mind, companies are looking for ways to make meaningful connections with their vertical customers that will yield more closed deals, faster.

SalesSparx enriches Mindtickle’s data-driven learning, training, and coaching capabilities with industry-specific playbooks, processes, and training needed to arm sellers in the B2B healthcare vertical — a huge market with equally huge revenue potential. The sales methodologies, strategies, and processes are created with the healthcare industry’s nuances in mind.

Alliances matter in staffing and recruiting
Similarly, Menemsha Group’s deep industry expertise complements the Mindtickle Sales Readiness platform — but for sales teams in the staffing and recruiting industry. A long-term Mindtickle partner, Menemsha provides the specific skills, knowledge, and messaging that staffing and recruitment sales teams need to move opportunities down the funnel. When Menemsha Group’s industry-focused solution is paired with Mindtickle’s platform for onboarding, skills development, training, coaching, and ongoing readiness, it results in more focused and relevant seller-to-customer interactions and a powerful way for customers to go to market

Cross-industry training content to uplevel sales conversations
Another way to build readiness in vertical-specific sales capability is by arming sellers with industry-specific knowledge and helping them demonstrate an empathetic understanding of their customers’ challenges. That’s where Performance Solutions International (PSI) comes in. PSI is a leader in industry-focused talent development and performance support that enables sales to understand their clients and prospects so they can better identify new opportunities and position solutions strategically. PSI further enriches the Mindtickle platform with industry language, market dynamics, regulatory requirements, common buyers, and supply-chain information. Together, Mindtickle and PSI clients can measurably achieve their sales readiness goals selling to businesses in financial services, health care, life sciences, insurance, manufacturing, technology, media, telecommunications, and more.

When Mindtickle’s data-driven learning, training, and coaching capabilities are paired with industry-specific content and expertise from PSI and SalesSparx, companies have an unrivaled solution to efficiently tackle the challenges inherent in selling into healthcare.

As today’s companies continue to make their vertical go-to-market strategies a priority, their sales team’s industry fluency, readiness to engage with buyers, and expertise become increasingly important factors in closing a deal. Thanks to its partnerships with companies like PSI, SalesSparx, and Menemsha Group, Mindtickle provides the firepower needed to help tip the scales in its customers’ favor, continuously improving sellers’ skill sets and knowledge, and ultimately driving better business outcomes.