Mindtickle Spring 2022 Announcement: Introducing Sales Coaching Rooms, Role-based Benchmarks, and More

Mindtickle Spring 2022 Announcement

Front-line sales managers are some of the most underutilized weapons in sales.

Why is that?

Managers have the ability to transform rep performance through sales coaching. The problem? Managers are busy. Really busy. And traditionally, the tools created for front-line managers are focused on updating CRMs and forecasting, creating more busy work.

Until now.

As part of our 2022 Spring Announcement, we are launching Sales Coaching Rooms, the only sales coaching product specifically created for the front-line manager.

We know seller transformation cannot occur through enablement and content alone. Reps are building knowledge through enablement and showing they know their stuff with training and practice. But, when it comes to executing, you need to make sure your reps are getting better deal after deal. Coaching is the only true way to change their behaviors in the field.

Now, front-line managers can focus on seller transformation by becoming better managers and mentors — and find themselves on a fast track to the CRO seat!

Introducing Mindtickle Sales Coaching Rooms

Mindtickle Sales Coaching Rooms are dedicated one-to-one spaces to have revenue-boosting discussions. Coaching Rooms provide:

  • A single location to move deals forward and build the long-term skills reps need to succeed in the field
  • Coaching within conversation intelligence (Call AI) to support learning in the context of real selling situations
  • Coaching integrated with enablement content to drive long-term skill development through practice and reinforcement
  • Self-coaching so reps can evaluate their own performance compared with manager feedback and better prepare for one-on-one sessions
  • Coaching outcomes factored into the Mindtickle Readiness Index, showing leadership a full-picture view of the readiness of their teams and individuals
  • Actionable insights for front-line managers into the lagging skills of individuals to facilitate the delivery of personalized coaching

In addition to Sales Coaching Rooms, Mindtickle is announcing features for better deal collaboration and detailed analytics to benchmark and track readiness.

Deal collaboration tools that meet sellers in the flow of work

Mindtickle Slack integration

Deals and open opportunities are constantly evolving and sellers need to be able to work quickly to prepare for meetings, provide relevant content, and collaborate with teammates to make sure nothing stalls or falls through the cracks. To help sellers better collaborate on deals, we are announcing:

  • Email and Slack notifications in Call AI for meeting preparation, action items, and recording metrics
  • Asset sharing, tracking, and analytics for content engagement insights

Detailed analytics for deeper readiness insights

Mindtickle Readiness Index

Your sellers are not the only ones interacting with prospects and customers. You have specialized teams, like business development representatives, account executives, solutions consultants, customer service managers, and more! Each of these roles requires a different set of skills to succeed. That’s why, as part of our Spring Announcement we’re releasing benchmarking and tracking with:

  • Role-based ideal rep profiles to define and track the key skills that lead to success for different sales positions
  • Role-based winning behavior in Call AI to benchmark call metrics by customer-facing teams
  • Readiness Index insights for managers to track the progress of their team

These features help your teams be ready and achieve continued sales success. To learn more about the newly announced Sales Coaching Rooms, deal collaboration tools, and readiness analytics, save your seat for our LIVE demo webinar on March 30.