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[Podcast] How Qubole leverages sales readiness technology to deliver true value to its customers (Episode 21)

Jordy Brazier is Vice President of Sales Operations for Qubole and has been in Sales Operations for over 10 years. Qubole is the largest cloud and diagnostic big data service, providing businesses with a self-service data platform to help them make data driven decisions.

Selling to IT decision makers, they operate in a tough market, releasing new product updates regularly to stay ahead of the curve. This means their sales reps also need to make sure they have a cutting edge positioning.

“Every week we release a new course or an updated version of a course about what products we have? And, how to compete with specific products,” explains Brazier.  “To drive adoption and see who is going through those trainings is, MindTickle lets us see who are the learners and who needs improvement. It’s great to have this ability. We want to make sure that we have the best prepared reps when we go into the field. So they can be true trusted advisors to our customers and are able to deliver true value. That’s super important and that’s why we take enablement very seriously and really invest in those programs, into technologies that make them the best and put fire power behind them.”

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Qubole has also raised the effectiveness of their reps through its comprehensive onboarding program and certifications.

“It’s had a great impact for us as well. We use best practices to take control of the consumer process, bring true value and accelerating productivity,” Brazier continues.

In this 20 minute podcast, Brazier outlines:

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Shankar Ganapathy
Shankar Ganapathy

Director of Marketing at MindTickle. Shankar is passionate about enabling human capability. He believes in the power of digital to improve sales effectiveness.