[Podcast] Why Sales Enablement is a Must-Have for Your Company? : Episode 18

By Shrimithran R

In this 16-minute podcast, Crepeau and Wolber outline:

  • Why there is a pressing need for sales enablement
  • What industry trends are shaping B2B sales
  • Common mistakes sales enablement leaders commit
  • The key sales enablement initiatives at G5

“Today, sales enablement spans every function within the organization. Let me take a step back, and say why sales enablement is so hot now in my opinion. Having sold enterprise technology for more than 25 years, the reality is it’s harder to sell than it ever has been. Only 60% of reps are hitting quota, leaving 40% of reps unsuccessful in reaching their targets,” explains Steve Crepeau, CEO of True Sales Results.

Following on from the previous podcast, where Steve Crepeau and Mike Wolber discussed how G5 built a successful sales enablement team, they share their thoughts on why enablement is a must-have in every company.

In this episode, they also discuss what mistakes organizations commonly make when setting up their sales enablement team. “The biggest mistake is not having executive buy-in. Regardless of how large or small the sales team is, without the support of leadership, it is difficult to execute a sales enablement program,” explains Crepeau.

“The second mistake is not assigning a superstar performer to head sales enablement. I think sometimes you pick someone who seems convenient because you’re afraid of taking such a productive resource out of the field. And then you have the wrong person heading up sales enablement within your organization,” he adds.