MindTickle Streamlines On-Boarding to Support Nextep’s Growth


Nextep streamlines Onboarding leveraging MindTickle

About Nextep

  • Nextep is an industry-leading IRS-certified Professional Employer Organization (PEO), dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses nationwide with our human resources, benefits, risk & compliance, and payroll services and expertise.
  • Nextep elevates the employment experience for businesses by delivering cutting-edge technology, unbeatable expert support, and HR where you are.
  • They help in Elevating the employment experience, to provide exceptional service through a commitment to integrity, technology, and people


  • The enablement team at the CPEO company had to meet new hires at Nextep’s headquarters for weeklong, face-to-face training.
  • Plans for rapid expansion meant an overhaul of the company’s new-hire training and on-boarding program.
  • But with goals to expand into two new markets every year, hiring was key to support growth making face-to-face training at that pace and volume untenable, while ensuring high-quality and effective training which included consistent messaging across regions.
  • Nextep needed to take its onboarding and training program to the next level to meet goals for its sales team to ramp up quickly, gain visibility on learners’ progress via analytics, and be successful.


  • MindTickle Sales Readiness platform helps Nextep’s sales team achieve their potential so they’re ready to generate revenue in every customer interaction.
  • MindTickle’s comprehensive enablement suite delivers outcome-focused training so new hires are ready to perform quickly.
  • They’re trained the way they learn using gamification, role plays, and microlearning.
  • Success is measured, analyzed, and reported so managers can identify gaps in learning and take action to improve outcomes.


  • 85+% Adoption Rate in Using MindTickle
  • Greater Consistency in Messaging and higher quality new-hire training
  • Improvement in average call scores across the team
  • Record sales year in 2020 with new hires amidst pandemic

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