Mindtickle integrates with Highspot to empower reps with content and training

Highspot, Inc. and Mindtickle today announced the availability of a powerful, integrated sales enablement solution to help sales organizations prepare reps for successful customer conversations. In an increasingly competitive and buyer-driven environment, 82 percent of B2B decision makers think sales reps are unprepared, according to SiriusDecisions. The integration of Highspot and Mindtickle’s sales enablement solutions prepares reps with the knowledge, skills, content and execution support they need to engage prospects and close deals.

“High-performing sales organizations are increasingly supporting their reps with activity-based enablement processes that deliver both activation assets (external, buyer-facing content) and empowerment assets (internal, learning-oriented content for sellers) at the point of need: in the context of their current deals,” said Peter Ostrow, Research Director at SiriusDecisions. “The less time that quota-bearing reps spend searching for the tools they need to sell, and the more often assets “find the sellers,” gains in productivity and ultimately in performance accrue to high-performing organizations. For example, reps in high-performing organizations spend 11 percent less time searching for and managing sales content.”

Available today, the integration empowers Mindtickle and Highspot customers with a single-system approach to content, training and coaching needs. For example, a sales manager might assign training modules to be completed before sharing access to a sales asset. Or in the case of a new product feature, a rep could be alerted of a micro-learning session, so they can inform their prospects and put the new knowledge into action immediately. Throughout all engagement with content and learning, integrated analytics offer managers insight into who completed sessions and how they later performed.

“Sales organizations are seeing the power of sales enablement solutions to improve outcomes and engage reps in continual learning,” said Robert Wahbe, Highspot CEO. “The integration with Mindtickle offers businesses a one-two punch that incorporates essential components of success for reps: content and pitch support, as well as hands-on learning capabilities.”

“Sales reps are challenged at different stages of the sales process,” said Krishna Depura, CEO of Mindtickle. “With the integration with Highspot, we deliver critical support at the beginning, middle and end of the deal process through knowledge-building, just-in-time content discovery, pitch support and real-time coaching to positively influence customer outcomes.”

To learn more about the integration, please visit https://www.mindtickle.com or http://www.highspot.com.

About Highspot
Highspot helps sales teams increase conversion rates and generate more revenue faster. From sales content management to pitching and analytics, the Highspot platform delivers enterprise-ready features and platform integration in a modern design that sales reps love. Using Highspot, sales teams are able to stay connected to the best-performing content for each opportunity, customize and optimize their content, and more effectively engage with their customers and prospects. With nearly 90% average monthly recurring usage, Highspot is delivering on the promise of Sales Enablement. http://www.highspot.com

About Mindtickle
Mindtickle offers the industry’s most comprehensive readiness solution for closing the knowledge and skill gaps found in customer-facing teams. Sales teams across a wide range of industries use Mindtickle’s award-winning platform to train, coach, and align their sales teams to make reps and their managers more effective. Combining on-demand online training, bite-sized mobile updates, gamification, coaching and role-play with a data-driven approach, Mindtickle accelerates time-to-productivity, ensures consistent execution, and helps boost sales performance. Companies leveraging Mindtickle for sales enablement to assess and certify the readiness of each rep see bigger deal sizes, higher win rates and reduced sales cycles. Mindtickle is a global, privately-held company with headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. Investors include NEA and Accel Partners. For more information, please visit https://www.mindtickle.com.