Definitive Guide to Measuring Sales Readiness

The past year has brought about its fair share of challenges, especially for sales leaders accustomed to in-person meetings and one-on-one coaching. In the face of these challenges, your remote sales team must be prepared for whatever comes their way — in any buyer interaction.

Viewing obstacles instead as opportunities will push you to think outside the box and discover creative and more impactful processes that deliver results. But you’ve got to start with the right metrics. 

What are you measuring? Do the analytics adequately reflect individual and team sales performance? Is the data actionable? 

In this Definitive Guide to Measuring Sales Readiness, you’ll learn:

  • The most vital metrics for sales success, from onboarding and beyond
  • Additional considerations for sales everboarding, practicing skills, sales coaching, and more
  • Bonus tips for maximizing competencies and knowledge retention

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