Selling Secrets: 5 Strategies for Elevating Sales Productivity and Performance

The top priority for sales leaders this quarter (and every quarter) is simple: drive more revenue. But that goal is entirely dependent on whether or not your sellers are equipped with the competencies, knowledge, content, behaviors, and intelligence that drive better sales outcomes. 

To help you better prepare your reps for the field — and ultimately help them start securing more deals — we put together this guide. It dives into five essential strategies for taking your sales team’s productivity and performance to the next level.

From coaching practices to performance evaluation, we share our trade secrets for empowering your sellers to succeed. By the end of this guide, you’ll walk away not only knowing what an all-star sales rep looks like, but how to establish training programs and create resources that will help you foster that same profile in every sales hire.

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • The competencies that make for a winning sales rep and how to develop those skills in your own team members
  • What knowledge is required for reps to deliver valuable insights to your customers, and the specific types of content your sales team needs to start closing more deals
  • How you can gain more visibility into sales calls and extract data to use in your coaching conversations

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