Sales Coaching Insights

Conduct data-driven sales coaching that improves rep performance so they can win more now and in the future

Stop coaching just to coach, it’s a waste of time

If your coaching isn’t driven by the knowledge, skill, and behavioral data of sellers, you are likely aren’t coaching in a way that moves the needle

Mindtickle’s Coaching Rooms provide a single place for managers, reps, and sales leaders to conduct valuable, data-driven coaching that is documented to prove the true impact coaching has on rep performance.

Data-driven sales coaching

Transform your managers into mentors and drive improved rep performance with individualized, data-driven coaching

Mindtickle’s Sales Coaching Rooms are the one place for discussions that move open deals forward and improve the long-term skills of your reps. Bring together tactical deal coaching and strategic skill coaching in one place, saving your managers valuable time and improving the performance of your reps and teams.

Set benchmarks

Establish benchmarks for your go-to-market teams

Individualize coaching

Use individualized coaching tools to formalize a process and personalize coaching

Surface coaching opportunities

Assess your teams against benchmarks and outline coaching opportunities for managers

Reinforce with enablement

Measure in-field performance and reinforce coaching with enablement

Hear from our customers

“As a result of using Mindtickle sales coaching, 95% of coaching forms are completed on-site and on time, resulting in higher-quality coaching data to inform personalized training for sellers.”

Dr. Somnath Datta, Head of Commercial Excellence, Janssen

Individualize your skill coaching

Tie onboarding activities back to business outcomes.

With Ideal Rep Profiles™ (IRPs) your sales managers have a benchmark for the top skills that lead to success and they can measure each individual’s skill gaps to deliver hyper-targeted skill coaching.


Why Sales Everboarding is the Secret to Your Success

Sales onboarding and training secrets from top leaders.

Coaching insights for sales managers

Your front-line sales managers do not have time to dig through multiple systems and reports to determine what reps require skill coaching. Make skill coaching easy and effective for managers by surfacing the reps who are lagging in critical skills with coaching analytics for managers.

Coaching analytics for sales leaders

Do your enablement and sales leadership teams lack insight into how and when managers are coaching their reps? With Mindtickle, enablement and sales leaders can track adherence to coaching cadences to ensure managers are consistently and effectively coaching reps to maximize seller performance.

Sales Certification Customer Stories

When our CEO and CRO said ‘Hey! We need a common sales methodology, a common language within the team, a common way that we operate and process,’ we knew that
Jeremy Powers
Regional Vice President, Australia & New Zealand at MongoDB
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MindTickle is a big step up from our previous training software, so our salespeople were all really impressed with the functionality when we first rolled it out to them
Brian Steele
Sales Training Manager
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MindTickle is a great onboarding tool because we can send new reps the course, see how they're doing with the content, and have them complete some tests – all remotely
Tovi Dana
Knowledge and Learning Director
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Explore all that you can do with the
Mindtickle Sales Readiness Platform

Set performance goals, educate your team, create a coaching culture, track field
performance, and offer personalized solutions that improve long-term results.

Sales Onboarding

Ramp new sales team members quickly through formal and informal learning techniques.

Continuous Learning

Create an ongoing state of excellence with the right programs, missions, and content.

Manager-Led Coaching

Create a coaching culture through personalized coaching on deals and skills.

Account Strategy & Review

Leverage field evidence to inform your account conversion and growth plans.

Sales Coaching

Use kickoffs and live instructor-led sessions to accentuate knowledge and skill development.

Partner Enablement

Get your partners scaled quickly and keep them updated with your latest and greatest.

Sales Certification

Ensure reps are ready to carry out their skills on the field with pre-testing.

Voice of the Customer

Use call recording to identify and share market trends, customer needs, and ideas.


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Coach with data, not with gut

Mindtickle’s data-driven sales coaching transforms your managers into super sales coaches that move the needle of rep performance.