A comprehensive platform to enable your reps for success

Role play for successful sales conversations

Audio / Video / Demo recording and Email submissions

Enable reps to rehearse crucial customer conversation scenarios including objection handling, elevator pitch, demo practice and pricing discussions.

Workflow for feedback

Allow managers and experts to provide qualitative and quantitative feedback on the submitted recordings.

Crowdsource a best practices library

Turn the best pitches into training materials to reinforce key messaging that deliver results.

Better messaging

Bite-sized updates to keep your team informed

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game
Native mobile app

Leverage push notifications in the MindTickle native app for sharing updates on new product features, competitive insights, new success stories and marketing collateral in real time.

Testing and reinforcement

Measure knowledge retention with pop quizzes, and reinforce key information through bite-sized modules.

Content search and discovery

Bookmark content for quick access. Save content locally on the in-phone memory for offline access and find it easily with quick and intuitive search functionality.

Easily create and assign training modules

Simple and engaging experience

Effectively structure your content for in-depth training. Create engaging experiences for your learners with over 10 types of quiz formats.

Exciting visual presentation

Use visual themes to provide a quick overview map that help learners scan the entire scope of the course at once and track their progression.

Curate any form of content

Import content from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Slideshare, Onedrive, Prezi, or Youtube, or directly upload content in any file format.

Assessment and certification

Customize benchmarks or pass scores for goal-based assessments. Automatically generate certificates to record their completion levels.

Role-based learning

Assign relevant modules for different learning tracks based on their membership in configurable learner groups.

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game

Analytics and reporting for data-driven decisions

Measure and Tracks
Drill-down views and reports

Measure and track the engagement and retention of each rep. Summarize data by any profile field in Salesforce.com such as title, location or custom parameters. Drill down all the way to each individual rep’s report card.

Identify knowledge and skill gaps

Actionable insights from quizzes and role-play exercises give you a clear indication of where your reps are falling short.

User Experience That Delivers Consistent High Adoption

Millennial-friendly user interface and social features such as discussions and news feeds, consistently deliver high user engagement. Game mechanics elevate user motivation and foster healthy competition.
On Boarding

Deep integration with 'Salesforce CRM'

MindTickle + SalesForce

Top companies trust MindTickle to keep their reps sales-ready at all times.

App Dynamics

Boost your sales
productivity and effectiveness

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