MindTickle For Sales Enablement

A Highly Effective Sales Enabler Focuses On Creating A Culture Of Sales Excellence

Disruption, volatility and hyper-competition is the new normal. Sales enablement is what prepares sales teams to achieve agility at scale and thrive in this new world order.

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Tom Levey

MindTickle is at the core of the execution of our business strategy. We have improved ramp times and win rates against competition massively.

Tom Levey

VP Sales Enablement

You Set The Stage, We Help You Shine

MindTickle lets you manage all your sales enablement initiatives in one place with an outcome oriented approach. Whether it is creating a strong baseline of knowledge and messaging for new hires, delivering impactful sales events, or ongoing coaching and reinforcement - We help you achieve best-in-class sales enablement.

How do we solve for it? Read on

Sales Onboarding

A springboard for your reps

A high-impact onboarding program is a key driver for achieving predictable revenue. All new hires want to get up to speed quickly. We just channel their intrinsic motivation and accelerate their readiness. Transform your onboarding process into a milestone-driven, engaging and empowering experience.

Our customers have:

  • Reduced ramp up time by 40% without losing effectiveness
  • Launched new products and messaging in weeks, not months
  • Onboarded sales reps from acquired companies faster

Keep your reps on message

Prepare your reps to deliver a consistent and impactful message to your prospects and customers. Ensure that all your reps articulate your value proposition, differentiate your competition and respond to customer objections clearly and confidently.

Our customers have seen:

  • 60% improvement in reps certified on the message
  • Crisply articulated differentiation from competition
  • Significant improvement in win rates and deal sizes

Reinforce and recalibrate

Enable your reps to push and pull information when they need it the most. Proactively push key updates, refreshers, and notifications to your entire sales team, while allowing your reps to pull the relevant knowledge and content they need anytime, anywhere.

Our customers have:

  • Saved 150 hours of travel time saved per rep every year
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Improved field readiness and productivity

Get closer to your reps through data

Measure and track the readiness of each rep across the entire lifecycle - onboarding, coaching and ongoing reinforcement. Enable your sales leaders with aggregated health data, identify and remediate any gaps and help improve sales forecasting.

Our customers are able to:

  • Quantify the impact delivered by sales enablement
  • Ramp up 'A players' quicker and 'B players' more effectively
  • Reduce turnover across the sales team

Create a culture of sales excellence with MindTickle!

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