Accelerate Time-to-Productivity With MindTickle's Sales Onboarding Solution

With MindTickle, you can streamline your sales onboarding by creating structured learning paths that dynamically adapt to your rep's needs. You can also reinforce key knowledge areas and improve their skills with an engaging experience

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Tom Levey

MindTickle was easy to learn and simple to deploy. Our reps do not have to wait for monthly bootcamps to get trained. Time to ramp at MongoDB has reduced by 60%”

Jeremy Powers

Sr. Director Sales Enablement

The MindTickle Approach

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game


Train and certify through
videos and quizzes

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game


Coach and provide structured feedback with role-play and practice

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game


Push updates, refreshers
and quizzes via mobile

Keep Your Sales on Top of Their Game


Track and measure
engagement and readiness

Just-in-time Learning And Onboarding

Easily manage the onboarding workflow and create a program that automatically scales as your team grows

  • Automatically assign learning paths based on sales rep roles
  • Reinforce key knowledge areas based on the gaps identified during each stage of onboarding
  • Drive high adoption and retention through social, gamification and mobile

Automate and streamline Message Calibration

MindTickle gives you a data-driven approach to quickly identify key skill gaps and coaching opportunities so that you can:

  • Give sales managers the ability to coach, verify, and reinforce knowledge and skills
  • Provide a safe and engaging environment where reps can simulate real sales scenarios
  • Allow reps to practice their pitch, demos, cold calls, emails, and more
  • Accelerate onboarding and improve your reps' ability to sell

Enable Managers To Certify Reps Before They Hit The Ground

Give the confidence to your managers that your reps are ready to engage buyers and win deals

  • Track progress and determine if your new hires are truly ready to sell
  • Send automated reports to manager detailing progress, strengths and weaknesses
  • Measure and demonstrate the business impact of sales readiness
  • Make data-driven decisions to create a culture of sales excellence

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