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The market-leading platform to build seller knowledge, skill sets, and winning behaviors.

Individualize training. Measure the impact.

Deliver high-impact enablement programs.

Mindtickle’s sales enablement and training improves engagement and long-term knowledge using a scientifically proven approach to learning. Scale individualized enablement programs and map skill development to key business outcomes.

Enablement that transforms selling behaviors

Sick of generic “one-and-done” sales enablement programs that focus on completion instead of results? Change your enablement approach with Mindtickle.

Seller-centric enablement programs

Build sales enablement programs that are relevant and personalized to each seller.

Training that’s remembered

Ensure the skill sets reps develop are used in the field with AI-driven reinforcement and practice exercises.

Mapped to revenue outcomes

Understand how specific skills and knowledge drive business results.

Sales Enablement & Training Customer Stories

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Identify and promote winning behaviors

Build programs based on the skills that are proven to win deals.

  • Compare individual and team skill attainment metrics to business outcomes
  • Focus on the skills and behaviors demonstrated by top reps
  • Continually update programs based on field-based evidence

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Build sales enablement programs that improve productivity

Incorporate modalities that focus on the unique needs of salespeople.

  • Engage salespeople with bite-sized microlearning exercises from SMEs and others
  • Incorporate examples of winning behaviors through conversation snippets from real-world interactions
  • Include gamified experiences like leaderboards, live challenges, and quizzes to update competency attainment continually
  • Ensure competency through graded role-play exercises for pitches, demos, and more

Reinforce training to ensure retention and use

Use AI and scientifically proven methods to ensure that training sticks.

  • Push out engaging, bite-sized activity, reinforcing training concepts over time
  • Empower salespeople to practice pitches, demos, and buyer interactions with AI-powered recommendations
  • Encourage friendly competition through leaderboards
  • Foster a sales coaching culture with a suite of individualized tools

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71.4% of respondents who have clearly defined sales enablement KPIs meet over 100% of their sales quota.

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