Give your sales reps the confidence to handle any situation with video role-plays and simulated sales scenarios.

Easily identify the skill gaps in your sales team and give your reps confidence in their ability to sell.

  • Assess and certify sales reps on the skills they need
  • Simulate sales scenarios with a safe environment to practice
  • Give reps structured feedback and coaching
  • Improve reps’ confidence to handle sales situations
  • Gain insights into which skills your reps need to practice
  • Improve selling skills with virtual role-plays
  • Leverage subject matter experts to share best practices
  • Create a knowledge base to help reps improve their skills
  • Drive consistency in sales messaging

"The role play capability allowed us to move from static learning to capturing talk tracks and skill demonstrations.”

Chuck Marcouiller

Director of Sales

Global Brands Trust Our Platform

A Single User Experience for Onboarding, Skills, Updates, Coaching, and Analytics

  • Awesome User Experience
  • Engaging Gamification
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Any Content Source
  • Intelligent Workflows
  • Assessments
  • Polls/Quizzes
  • Certifications
  • SCORM Support
  • Secure
  • Extensive Open APIs
  • Native iOS/Android apps
  • Global Languages
  • World-Wide Data Centers
  • Adaptive Learning

Seamless Integration: Salesforce™ and Other CRMs, CMS, HRMS, BI, LMS, SSO, Anything

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