Frontline Sales Managers

Spread winning behaviors that drive team performance

Get your team to the close with a platform built for frontline sales managers

Improve coaching and elevate team productivity

Get your reps over the line each quarter. The best leaders also help reps improve long-term skills, gaining consistent growth over time to reach top performance.

Identify skill gaps for each rep by assessing them on the Ideal Rep Profile as well as by comparing in-field behaviors with those of top reps. These insights inform individualized coaching for the team.

Create a Constant State of Excellence

Guide your team to readiness.

Prepare for constant change and drive productivity with data-driven and in-field readiness programs that address the individual needs of your team.

Identify Winning Behaviors

Create an Ideal Rep Profile (IRP) to benchmark the skills and knowledge of top performing reps.

Address Skill Gaps

Locate the exact training and coaching tactics that will help specific team members with AI-powered conversation intelligence.

Icon Streamline Message

Streamline Message Consistency

Recommend high-converting content based on usage and guide marketing and enablement on future content needs.

Deliver Personalized Coaching

Coach reps based on their individualized needs to replicate winning behaviors across your team.

Improve Overall Team Performance

Inform updates to training and enablement to create a constant state of excellence and maximize the potential of each rep.

Just in time training

“Mindtickle helped us automate our content — a time-consuming process for us. Now we can automatically push content to employees from their first day on the job.”

The Pareto Principle won’t help your teams reach quota

Deliver individualized coaching with tools for frontline sales managers.

Are you relying on a small portion of your team to produce the majority of revenue? Get to the root cause of why some reps aren’t producing the results you want, and prescribe individualized training to turn your average reps into quota-crushing top performers.

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Start Driving Results with the Readiness Platform

The tools you need for a quota-crushing team

With an integrated readiness platform, your team can achieve a continued state of excellence. See how Mindtickle makes readiness a reality.

Icon Sales Readiness Index

Readiness Index

Define your ideal rep profile and correlate skills and behaviors with sales success.

Conversation Intelligence

Understand field performance during customer interactions.

Sales Coaching

Optimize performance and address skill gaps through personalized coaching.

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Coach your reps to success with tools for frontline sales managers

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