Summary of the Discussion

Selling is a stressful, high-stakes job. There are so many factors beyond a seller’s control – purchasing budgets, timelines, internal buyer politics, the champion’s ability to influence, and more. On top of that, sales reps have roughly only 5% of a customer’s time during the buying journey (Gartner), and it’s obvious that every buyer interaction counts.

Role-plays are a great way for sellers to prepare for sales interactions, but they’re hard to orchestrate and loathed by sellers around the world. Unfortunately, that’s why reps often end up practicing in front of prospects before they’re fully prepared, leaving a stream of lost opportunities in their wake.

Is it possible to scale role-plays and practice exercises across your organization? Can you transform role-plays from forgettable games to game changers?

The answer is YES!

Join Brian Gontarski of Mastercard and Lauren Comer of Mindtickle for a discussion on how to put practice into action in your organization. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why practice exercises are a must-have in any sales enablement strategy
  • How Mastercard leverages role-plays to continuously certify 100% of their sales organization to create a culture of ongoing learning
  • Top use cases for sales role-plays and practice exercises
  • Pitfalls to avoid… and much more!



Brian Gontarski
Director, Sales Excellence Learning
Lauren Comer
Senior Product Marketing Manager