White Label Application Description and Scope

  1. Glossary of terms used:
    1. App/ Application: Means the mobile application of Mindtickle Platform
    2. App branding: Means making basic modifications to the app to make Customer branding appear in the app at certain places.
    3. App customization – making changes to the app features and functionality as per Customer requirement.
  2. Meaning of White Labelled Mobile Application
    White Labelled Mobile Application is Mindtickle’s Platform related assistance through which Mindtickle assists the Customer to personalize the look and feel of Mindtickle’s mobile application of the Platform to align it with Customer’s brand identity. Mindtickle supports White Labelling of its mobile app which is limited to app branding. Mindtickle does not support app customization.
  3. Activities included in Mindtickle White Labelled Mobile Application:
    White Labelled Mobile Application would include the following activities with respect to Customer’s mobile application of the Platform:


    1. Personalization of the onboarding screen of the mobile application by adding Customer provided wallpaper background color, theme and text.
    2. Option to skip the learning site page for the application, thus reducing one step of entering the learning site for the User.
    3. Customize the login buttons with SSO ( Salesforce, Google, Okta or OpenID).
    4. Branding on app/play store listing page.
    5. Branding in the app for onboarding screens and sign-up/sign-in flow up to 5 screens.
    6. Custom SSO integration for supported SSO implementations.
    7. Replacement of T&C, privacy policy with Customer specific text in English language.
  4. Activities excluded from Mindtickle White Labelled Mobile Application:
    The following activities would be out of scope of White Label Application:


    1. Modifications to or removal of features and functionality, addition of custom features and functionality will not be done by Mindtickle.
    2. Features/functionality parity between Mindtickle web, Mindtickle mobile app and white labelled apps will be done as per the Mindtickle product roadmap.
    3. Support pages will not be removed from the app. This is done so that Mindtickle can get timely reports if there are any issues. The support pages shall carry Mindtickle branding.
    4. Deep link support will have limitations.
    5. Branding, layout and UI changes will not be supported after the login flow.
  5. Customer obligation to support Mindtickle White Labelled Mobile Application:
    Customer shall provide the following support to Mindtickle for the White Labelled Mobile Application activity:


    1. Developer accounts for Android and iOS platforms (Only If Mindtickle is required to manage the deployments). If Mindtickle is not required to manage the deployments, Mindtickle will hand over the app build to the Customer, who shall be responsible for deployment.
    2. Theme details (onboarding screens, background, messages etc.).
    3. Images and resources as well as logo where Customer logo or brand marks to be used for branding along with appropriate permissions to use the same.
    4. Any additional reasonable resources requested by Mindtickle to enable the activity or resources required as per changes mentioned by Android/ iOS platforms.
  6. Conditions regarding parity of White Labelled Mobile Apps with reference to Mindtickle Apps and web platform:
    1. Parity of Customer’s White Labelled Mobile App with standard Mindtickle mobile app: Mindtickle standard mobile apps will be more up-to-date with latest enhancements and bug fixes. The Customer’s White Labelled Mobile App will be, at the best, at par with the Mindtickle app released a month prior to the release of the Customer’s White Labelled Mobile App.
    2. Parity of Customer’s White Labelled Mobile App with standard Mindtickle web App: Since Mindtickle supports White Labelling only of its mobile app and the web App is subject to ongoing updates, Mindtickle does not guarantee any parity between the features and functionality available on the Mindtickle web platform and the Customer’s White Labelled Mobile App.
  7. Support updates for the customer’s White Labelled Mobile App:
    Mindtickle will provide 4 updates for the White Labelled Mobile App. One release per quarter during the validity of the Subscription term. However, in the interim if there are any issues or bugs in the White Labelled Mobile App, the Customer needs to report those to Mindtickle Support. Mindtickle after taking inputs from all stakeholders will decide if the issue is a critical issue or not. In case the issue is categorized as critical by Mindtickle, Mindtickle will provide an update after fixing the issue without waiting for the scheduled app update cycle.