Manager-focused Analytics and Reporting: Boost Sales Manager Effectiveness

Sales leaders at most high-growth companies are constantly training and upskilling their teams to be more effective in the field and/or hiring new talent and ramping up them faster so they can start selling and closing deals as soon as possible. Sales Leaders can drive better effectiveness in sales and achieve their team quotas faster by leveraging readiness data to assess the readiness of their reps and then working to drive the right knowledge, skills, and behaviors. In fact, Gartner studies show that coaching effectiveness leads to a 19% improvement in sales performance. Informed by its comprehensive data-driven readiness platform and years of experience in helping to build world-class readiness and enablement programs across multiple industries and Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 companies, Mindtickle has recently developed more effective and impactful sales manager analytics and reporting to help Sales and Enablement leaders drive sales efficiency.

Gain a greater level of visibility and insights into your team’s readiness

Sales managers as well as sales leaders play a critical role to get teams ready and ramped up to sell. Greater visibility into their sales team readiness has allowed the sales leadership at one of Mindtickle’s enterprise customers to reduce rep ramp-up time by half, from 12 months to 6 months. Leadership buy-in and visibility into the progress and impact of readiness initiatives through their team’s reports were critical to their success. Mindtickle enabled leaders to share their strategic guidance for enablement programs and for Sales managers to show continuous, incremental improvement in their reps’ readiness performance. Sales managers were more able to quickly identify and remediate readiness gaps among their Sales reps to ensure they’re onboarding & ramping up faster. A faster ramp timer means they can start working on and closing deals faster to bring in revenue sooner and more efficiently.

This company found that while launching a new product across global markets to the existing salesforce, the real-time visibility into the progress and gap insights enabled leaders to take corrective actions. The leaders worked with the management teams of the specific geographies and drove adoption and certification on product knowledge programs. Simplified and contextual real-time reporting for sales managers and leaders helped them benchmark and track their teams’ sales readiness.

By using the new Manager team reports, Enablement teams can provide their sales and other organizational leaders a greater level of visibility and insights into their teams’ readiness with just one click. These actionable reports allow leaders to identify gaps, slice and dice the data across their teams, and take corrective actions as needed to help improve team readiness. What’s more, greater functionalities in Mindtickle’s Manager Reports make tracking enablement programs easier to view, filter, customize, and confidentially share as needed across the organization.

In short, Mindtickle Manager Reports provide Managers and leaders real-time access to roll-up reports covering contextual enablement and readiness initiatives so they can benchmark progress and quickly resolve any factors affecting the readiness of sales or customer-facing teams. Use cases include:

  • Reducing ramp-up time: Leaders get granular visibility into the progress of their teams’ onboarding to identify and resolve roadblocks or address any lagging deficiencies and ensure reps hit quotas faster
  • Gaining Insights to build a profile of success for your teams: Leaders and Managers can identify behavioral as well as soft and hard skills of the best reps and replicate that ‘profile of success” accordingly across teams
  • Making readiness initiatives successful: Manager reports automatically align to your organizational structure or org chart to help better drive readiness and enablement with real-time visibility into initiatives aligned with company strategy
  • Improving the effectiveness of enablement: Get contextual insights into gaps of enablement initiatives among both teams and individuals. This will help Enablement Leaders better understand which reps perform the best and why, as well help determine why other reps are lagging to offer them customized enablement programming to improve their performance
  • Driving a culture of coaching and accountability: Incorporate a culture of accountability through actionable insights into enablement initiatives, while also developing a culture of coaching for Managers to hone and improve their reps soft and hard skills
  • Empowering enablement teams: Give enablement teams the ability to easily customize and share their enablement progress reports with stakeholders across the organization
  • Ensuring teams are on message: Give leaders and managers insight into whether or not teams and/or reps are successfully completing Assessments, Missions, and Coaching sessions, which helps ensure reps are on message and able to have a meaningful conversation that brings value to customers based on the challenges facing their sales/customer-facing teams and industry.

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