Mindtickle’s Integration Platform for the Enterprise Tech Stack

Mindtickle today has a comprehensive integration platform with over 60 pre-built connectors to some of the most commonly used tools in the enterprise technology stack. As part of our mission to provide our customers with the most up-to-date, comprehensive Sales Readiness solution, Mindtickle recently released new technology integrations with Slack, BambooHR, and Workday. As we consistently work to add to the list of systems we integrate with, we wanted to take some time to discuss why these integrations are important and how they provide value to you.

Why are integrations important?

As of way of helping organizations more seamlessly integrate their sales and marketing stacks, Mindtickle has developed a data and application integration platform compatible with many systems within the enterprise tech stack. With the goal of uniting disparate sales enablement solutions around a common set of complementary and interconnected sales functions, Mindtickle aims to integrate and operate with a set of APIs that permit integration with other CRM applications, complementary sales and marketing applications, and external data sources.

As sales enablement practices mature and grow within organizations, the addition of new tools and opportunities is something that happens naturally. And as those enablement needs evolve, existing enablement platforms must also adapt along with the broad set of marketing, sales, HR systems, and more that are typically deployed in the enterprise. 

Thus stands the question: how do you choose the right platform that is best suited for your multi-system environment?

Frictionless authentication & communication

The sales function is going through a phase of tool sprawl so no one likes to remember yet another password. Mindtickle supports integrations with most of the major identify providers to enable single sign-on. Also, the ongoing notifications and scheduling are done with the commonly used calendaring and communication tools

Personalize and automate your approach with HRMS data

Our backend infrastructure is designed to be scalable and accept data and content from any source. When it comes to human resources management systems (HRMS), we are proud to automatically support Workday and BambooHR. However, should the need arise, we can easily set up an integration with any HRMS system of your choice. Having this integration empowers you to seamlessly and automatically create personalized readiness paths leveraging data and content from any connected HRMS

For example, HRMS integration in conjunction with automation rules helps automate the new hire journey in Mindtickle. With the rollout of our new User Data Sync feature, you can automate the content assignment process and ultimately reducing the admin overload. As soon as the new hire is added at the source, they are automatically provisioned in Mindtickle and are assigned the relevant content. Moreover, the user’s manager is convergently auto-assigned to review the new hire’s activities and track reporting from their first day on board. In fact, anyone across the sales hierarchy will automatically be able to see the new hire’s progress without any effort by the admin. 

These benefits aren’t just for new hires: they apply to any internal moves or changes for existing employees within your company. For example, if a promoted user needs to be assigned new content automatically upon promotion, their flow gets automated as well.

Plug-in to your CRM 

The goal of any readiness and enablement platform is to support employees in the flow of work – whenever, wherever. Through our integration with CRM systems and the available API, you can take any data from Mindtickle and make it available within the existing CRM system for reporting. Ultimately, you’re able to build a rich dashboard natively within your CRM systems and get the best of both worlds: a tracked and visible presentation of correlations between sales performance and sales activity metrics within the CRM system, and the proficiency metrics from Mindtickle. The other added benefit is that Mindtickle content can be surfaced in the CRM for just-in-time and just–in-context readiness and enablement. One example is that sellers could get a recommendation for reviewing the latest information on a competitor based on the opportunity details.

Keep in-sync with CMS 

For enablement and readiness initiatives, organized content is imperative. When you start to think of your enablement solution in conjunction with a content repository, you actually broaden its scope. Using a content management system to better organize material not only internally – but also externally – allows you to manage the life cycle of the content in a way that’s up-to-date and always on brand. With that goal in mind, Mindtickle partners with all of the top content management systems such as Seismic, Highspot, and Mediafly.

While there the majority of your content will often be specific to the sales and customer-facing initiatives, an integrated solution extends to the broader employee workforce as well.  By no means should you overlook the information traditionally leveraged by LMS systems – Mindtickle can work with your existing LMS system to make sure all your existing content is optimized and ready for distribution. 

Leverage curated content providers

With the ever changing selling, competitive and industry landscapes, there is a constant need to reskill or upskill your sellers. Getting high quality curated content from providers like LinkedIn Learning or Skillsoft allows readiness and enablement teams to seamlessly integrate critical job related skill development right into their onboarding or on-going readiness programs.

Drive sales outcome correlations

Mindtickle provides a reporting API and other bulk data exchange options to expose the data around users’ engagement and proficiency within Mindtickle. For teams that are already familiar with and have an internal sophisticated reporting method in place, this makes Mindtickle data available for rich dashboarding in the BI tool of your choice like Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, and more.

Take home thoughts

Mindtickle uses a hybrid approach based on homegrown integration service and an OEMd leading iPaaS (integration platform as a service) as the core of its integration platform. Because of this, Mindtickle’s integration platform allows for easy connectivity to any system that exposes a REST API so we have custom connectors in a matter of days. Even if there’s a system that is not currently listed in our out of the box connectors, we can quite easily create a custom connector to that supports simple REST API based on your organization’s particular interface. 

For more information on the specific integration connectors available please visit https://www.mindtickle.com/integrations/