6 Ways To Increase Sales Acceleration

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Whoever coined the saying “time is money” probably worked in sales. That’s why sales acceleration makes so much sense.

Sales acceleration is the process of improving your approaches and strategies to move prospects through the sales funnel more efficiently. For your company, this means more deals and fewer expended resources. For your customers, it means less wasted time and a better experience overall. Sales acceleration is your classic win-win scenario.

Here’s how to accelerate sales (and what you can expect when you do).

How are winning sales teams accelerating deals?

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Does sales acceleration help grow revenue?

While we’re on the topic of old adages, we should address another one: What happened to “slow and steady wins the race”

That’s not the case when it comes to sales acceleration. Sure, you don’t want your reps to rush through sales discovery calls or other customer interactions — but one of the best ways to grow revenue is to take the time you do have and use it more effectively. That’s because sales acceleration allows you to better identify and take advantage of revenue opportunities that already exist.

For example, say you use one sales acceleration strategy: lead qualification. When you qualify leads before contacting them, you waste less time on people who are unlikely to buy and get better results from the same amount of resource expenditure. This leads to more revenue because you’re focused on leads that show proven interest or receptiveness. And the faster, the better. Lead qualification success is reduced 10x when reps wait longer than five minutes to respond to a form fill or inquiry. At anything over 10 minutes, that decrease in success jumps to 400%.

The same idea applies to all sales acceleration tools and strategies. The time, resources, and leads are out there; sales acceleration improves revenue by cutting waste and putting your focus in the right places.

6 tips to increase sales acceleration

Ready to accelerate sales? Here are just a few tips to get you started:

#1: Use the right tools

Sales acceleration tools help your reps know what to say, show or send, giving them the visibility necessary to determine which deals need particular attention. For example, the best sales acceleration software allows you to keep track of details such as:

  • Whether prospects are mentioning your competitors.
  • Whether deals are multi-threaded.
  • What messaging is used on calls and whether this aligns with your most up-to-date recommendations.

Based on this information, sales acceleration tools can surface the best training solutions and identify top revenue-driving content, helping move deals forward. This could include building digital sales rooms to set up a mutual action plan.

#2: Improve your sales onboarding and training

To accelerate sales, you need to build out your onboarding and training materials with processes that clearly connect to real-world scenarios. One of the best ways to do this is to deploy sales plays with all necessary information — including everything a rep needs to say, show and do — to sell a new product or build relationships with particular personas.

To make these trainings even more effective, consider using clips from recorded calls or top practice sessions — and don’t forget to make this content available on-demand in a training or onboarding library. Watch how one Mindtickle customer is improving its onboarding and saw a 68% completion rate among new hires since its new program launch.

#3: Get more from your notes

Instead of having reps waste valuable time — and potentially distract themselves — by taking notes on calls, use sales acceleration tools to automate notetaking, transcribe communications and gather voice-of-market insights. This doesn’t just make it easier to learn from every interaction and identify areas for improvement; it also helps you uncover trends that enable reps to choose the right messaging at the right time. They’ll have what they need to use revenue-driving content to win more deals.

#4: Foster better deal collaboration and coaching

To accelerate sales, perform accurate revenue forecasting and more, you need clear communication across multiple roles and departments. Fostering this collaboration requires smoothly sharing the most important content. For example, have your Business Development Representatives (BDRs) share call snippets with reps and reps share call snippets with Sales Engineers (SEs) and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to make hand-offs simpler and more effective. You should also empower managers with a coaching workflow based on real data from multiple sources. This enables them to see how healthy their team’s deals and calls are — plus, they can make actionable plans to coach at key intervals.

#5: Consolidate everything

From data and background information to training material and sales enablement content, there’s a lot for reps to juggle when navigating a single call or communication. Give them access to everything they

need, but don’t overwhelm them with unnecessary or poorly organized information. Instead, provide a more streamlined user experience to reduce clicks and save time. This makes reps more agile and better able to respond in unfamiliar scenarios, but it also speeds up prospect communication and makes your sales funnel faster and simpler.

#6: Adjust your sales acceleration strategy regularly

A sales acceleration strategy depends heavily on best practices, up-to-date messaging, new sales enablement materials and even the latest version of your sales acceleration software. That means there are a variety of changes that can impact your strategy.

For example, you should track whether sales processes and methodologies are adopted. This can change everything from return on investment (ROI) to sales performance and revenue, so it has a big impact on sales acceleration. 

Say you use MEDDPICC — a sales qualification methodology that stands for:

  • Metrics
  • Economic buyer
  • Decision criteria
  • Decision process
  • Paper process
  • Implicate the pain
  • Champion
  • Competition 

To make sure you’re getting the most out of every MEDDPICC idea or approach, you should have a MEDDPICC score based on how much information you’re able to fill out. You would also have a playbook with best practices and practical guidance — plus trainings, daily sales report (DSR) templates and a Mutual Action Plan developed with this methodology in mind. 

Benefits of implementing a sales acceleration strategy

Once you’ve implemented all the right tips and your sales acceleration approach is well underway, you could start seeing benefits around every corner. For example:

  • Filled quotas: With a solid sales acceleration solution at your reps’ fingertips, more of them can achieve their quotas faster. That means more deals won, more experience with different persona types and — yes — more revenue.
  • Better wins: Bigger, better, faster wins are possible when you use the right sales acceleration tools. You’re connecting dots to streamline experiences, which means improving the deals themselves — not just the processes that build them.
  • Smoother hand-offs: A completed deal is a product of multiple teams and departments. Sales acceleration makes it smoother and quicker to communicate key points and create better experiences both internally and externally.
  • Reduced churn: Grow your customer base and reduce churn at the same time. It’s all possible thanks to better processes and more prepared reps.
  • Scalable sales motion: Make your sales motion both repeatable and scalable with best practices, trainings and other sales acceleration solutions. 
  • Adoption: When you accelerate sales, you can more easily adapt your sales process and methodology to a “win every stage” approach. That also means improving your stage-to-stage conversions.

Start accelerating sales today

A sales acceleration solution may sound like a significant shift, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a platform that can put your processes and data side-by-side.

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