Continuous Learning for Sales Teams

Expand your training ROI and boost retention with timely and targeted reinforcement.

Wishing your reps were better prepared for today’s calls? You’re not alone.

Because one-and-done just doesn’t get it done.

Without continuous learning, sales teams forget 80% of their training within a month. That translates to longer cycles, lost deals, and blown quotas. With Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Platform, catch skill gaps before they cost you and deliver the perfect training materials for every rep.

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Keep your reps ready for anything

Save the day — and the deal — with just-in-time delivery of targeted training.

For sales teams, continuous learning is the difference between deals lost and won. They’ll go into calls with better plans, greater confidence, and more ammunition against obstacles.

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Identify real-time skill gaps

With Mindtickle’s Readiness Index, you’re never more than a click away from an up-to-date snapshot of your sales team’s skills. You’ll always know where to aim your just-in-time training.

Icon Stop Skill Erosion

Stop skill erosion

Use AI-powered spaced reinforcements to protect your training gains. Make continuous learning part of day-to-day life for your sales team.

Learn and grow together

Assign cooperative challenges to drive teamwork and knowledge-sharing. When teammates learn from each other, your training returns multiply.

Just-in-time content

With Asset Hub, reps can easily dig deep into products, features, skills, industries, and more. They find what they’re looking for with neither friction nor frustration.

Always be learning

“Readiness doesn’t stop with program adoption or certification . With Call AI we are enabling the field with the tools for continuous improvement.”

Protect your training investment with continuous learning

Half of learning effectiveness hinges on what happens after a learning event, even the most carefully planned and executed learning will fade without reinforcement. With Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Platform, your reps, managers, and enablement professionals will have everything they need to be ready and stay ready.

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Get off to a smart start with readiness-focused sales onboarding.

Ramp up to readiness and jumpstart continuous learning for your sales team.

Start fostering your culture of continuous learning at the outset with smart, targeted onboarding. Avoid a one-and-done approach, create an environment of continuous learning and growth.

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Ready up with reports, guides, and more

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Make continuous learning a key part of your sales culture

Ensure reps receive the continuous training that is vital to closing more deals.

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