Sales Certification

Drive onboarding and continuous learning with bespoke sales certification powered by Mindtickle.

Everything you need to raise your standard for readiness

Certify your reps for success with a specialized program built to your needs.

By strengthening skill-based training with sales certification standards, you’ll send your reps out with the confidence they need to drive deals forward. With Mindtickle, you have all the tools you need to design and deliver your program, solidify your message, and maintain buy-in from your reps.

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Sales certification boosts your training ROI

Inject your organization with confidence and readiness.

It’s never been easier to design and implement a sales certification program designed around your sales organization’s needs. Identify critical skills and information, create checkpoints, and watch your Readiness Index rise.


Accelerate onboarding

Sales certification provides clarity and visibility to field readiness. Your new reps move efficiently with smart guardrails in place.


Roll out new messaging

It isn’t easy to overcome inertia in sales messaging and process. Align your reps around critical updates quickly with Mindtickle’s sales certification tools.


Strengthen your brand

By certifying critical skills and knowledge gains, you’ll solidify and protect the brand identity and messaging every rep carries into the field.


Drive rep development

Incentivize continuous improvement with multi-tiered certifications. By seamlessly integrating new training content, you’ll transform onboarding into everboarding.

Why create your own sales certification program?

Because no one knows what your reps need better than you.

Mindtickle doesn’t just make it possible to build your own certification program — it makes it easy. You’ll have everything you need to identify, teach, strengthen, and certify the skills your reps need to drive deals forward.

Your readiness journey begins with smart onboarding, powered by Mindtickle

Make sales certification part of your tech-powered approach to onboarding.

Use Mindtickle to easily design and deliver your onboarding content, organizing it into smart training flows and sales certification programs. And with the Readiness Index, you’ll use real-time data to measure and optimize the effectiveness of your onboarding.

Unlock your team's full potential with
Mindtickle's Revenue Productivity Platform

Integrate sales training, enablement, and insights for revenue productivity with quick deployment, engaging content, performance benchmarking, deal management, call data insights, and proactive forecasting.

Sales Onboarding

Ramp new sales team members quickly through formal and informal learning techniques.

Continuous Learning

Create an ongoing state of excellence with the right programs, missions, and content.

Manager-Led Coaching

Create a coaching culture through personalized coaching on deals and skills.

Account Strategy & Review

Leverage field evidence to inform your account conversion and growth plans.

Partner Enablement

Get your partners scaled quickly and keep them updated with your latest and greatest.

Sales Kickoffs

Use kickoffs and live instructor-led sessions to accentuate knowledge and skill development.

Voice of the Customer

Use call recording to identify and share market trends, customer needs, and ideas.

Sales Certification Customer Stories

When our CEO and CRO said ‘Hey! We need a common sales methodology, a common language within the team, a common way that we operate and process,’ we knew that
Jeremy Powers
Regional Vice President, Australia & New Zealand at MongoDB
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Mindtickle provided analytics and helped us drive results that proved to our leadership what global enablement is trying to accomplish.
Amy Lord
Senior Analyst, Global Enablement
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Certify your reps for field readiness

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