Voice of the Customer Programs

Get insight into your customers’ experiences and expectations.

Are you effectively capturing the voice of your customers?

Capture key customer insights from actual conversations.

Record, transcribe, and analyze every customer conversation with our Call AI conversation intelligence technology. With AI-created conversation summaries, you’ll have actionable data on your customers’ biggest pain points, as well as insight into your top competitors, use cases, and trends. Use this data to create actionable “voice of the customer” programs.

Visualize and prioritize your customers’ needs

Never guess your customers’ expectations or needs.

You can’t be on every customer call, but with Mindtickle conversation intelligence and reporting, you don’t have to be. Customer calls are analyzed and summarized, highlighting your customers’ priorities to create actionable programs.

Share insights internally and be a customer-obsessed business

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Record every call

Call AI records and transcribes every customer conversation. Recordings are analyzed and summarized using AI and your target key phrases, giving you an understanding of prevailing topics and themes over time.

Gain valuable insights

Analyze the voice of your customer with custom reports and dashboards. View frequent themes and topics, like which competitors customers mention — and how often.

Align with market needs

Influence your company strategy, offerings, and future innovation based on the voice of your customers. Update your company and product vision to reflect your market’s perceptions and pain points.

Inform your content

Summarize the voice of your customer over time to inform marketing, sales, and customer success leadership. Create powerful sales content that mirrors customer language and addresses their concerns and expectations.

Capture customer feedback to drive product development

“With Call AI, we can capture every word of a customer call, which provides concrete direction on how to make our product better and also identify gaps where our sales team lacks understanding of our product or vision. This is a must have for any company and it truly fuels our growth.”

Stop guessing what your customers need

Start bringing customers value based on their own words.

Deploy “voice of your customer” programs with custom dashboards and reports created with data from every customer conversation. Never guess their priorities and expectations. Learn what they need, and deliver with confidence.

Conversation intelligence makes voice of the customer programs possible

Check out Call AI, Mindtickle’s conversation intelligence product.

Empower your revenue teams to improve customer interactions and win more deals with Call AI. Insights from conversations are used to create and deploy training programs, deliver one-on-one coaching, and create sales content based on the voice of the customer.

Discover the Power of Call AI

Turn customer conversations into coaching moments

The recordings and transcripts provided by Call AI are a prime piece of business intelligence for me. This allows me to coach my team to more wins and emphasize what’s working for us.

Ready up with reports, guides, and more

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Let your customer’s voice be heard

With Mindtickle, you know your customer’s needs and expectations at any time.

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