Think Beyond LMS for Maximum Sales Enablement

To boost your team’s sales capabilities, look to a sales readiness platform to replace your learning management system.

Think Beyond LMS for Maximum Sales Enablement

To boost your team’s sales capabilities, look to a sales readiness platform to replace your learning management system.

Cloud-Driven Sales Training

Train your sales reps using the power of the cloud to ensure improved accessibility. 

Modern sales enablement requires more than a learning management system. Rather, it requires a sales readiness platform featuring state-of-the-art knowledge, tools, content, and information to efficiently close more deals. High-cost predictability, faster sales deployment, and enhanced sales data security are crucial to closing prospects. That’s why companies prefer Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness platform as an alternative to traditional LMS software. It offers a superior cloud-based platform that makes it easy for your sales team to learn the skills they need to close more deals, faster. This learning and training system ensures every rep has anytime, anywhere access to content and training.

Unprecedented Gamification 

Get access to personalized content and courses through a gamified sales readiness platform.

In these challenging times, sales reps need to have the best learning and training platforms available to hone their skills and gain a competitive advantage. But learning management software isn’t enough. Using the power of gamified assessments, API integrations, real-time engagement and limitless data repositories, sales teams have all the tools needed for developing natural skills that close prospects fast. They can find this in Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness platform — a popular alternative to the traditional LMS. 

Efficient Sales Automation

Eliminate wasted cycles of unnecessary manual sales work. 

Sales reps should spend more time selling and less time doing any manual sales work. Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness platform simplifies your reps’ workload so that repetitive, tedious, and time-consuming tasks can be completed effortlessly. By using Mindtickle in place of any LMS integration, organizations have a robust system to deliver on-the-go sales assessments, AI-driven analytics and customer-centric engagement for winning new clients. An automated sales readiness platform like Mindtickle also improves customer retention over time. 

Monitor Sales Training

Follow every aspect of sales training with in-depth tracking capabilities.

Learning Management Systems can’t increase your training completion rates and incentivize your sales team with certifications. But a sales readiness platform can. With Mindtickle, empower your sales managers to study areas that need improvement using features that enable them to inspect individual reports. Set personal ratings and reviews for the entire department through a flexible and virtual portal without physical restrictions. Rather than integrating LMS software with your sales organization, use Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness platform to enhance training routines and more efficiently allocate resources.  

Up-to-Date Compliance

Automate synchronization between systems and sales data to stay updated. 

For an efficient sales cycle, your sales team must be consistently and quickly updated on all regulatory requirements. Innovative sales readiness platforms ensure everyone is updated with the necessary training and compliance certifications. Enablement teams can efficiently launch initiatives related to sales training through real-time notifications of the latest training courses. Personalize voluntary training related to sales responsibilities and goals.

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