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Drive success and accountability with your sales enablement programs.

Overcome the blockers that hinder sales enablement effectiveness

Build programs laser-focused on winning skills.

Instead of settling for the status quo, forward-thinking sales enablement leaders use Mindtickle to deliver individualized programs that are both memorable and measurable. Now you can overcome the blockers that make the sales enablement dream so hard to realize.

Build individualized programs at scale to meet enterprise goals

Create programs that correlate skill attainment to business outcomes.

Use real-world evidence to tailor every program to the skills each salesperson needs to succeed.

Reduce time to revenue

Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, and automatically tailor your programs to address clearly defined skill gaps based on proven winning behaviors

Engage reps

Incorporate real-world conversation snippets, microlearning, instructor-led training, fun reinforcement activities, role-play exercises, and gamified sales challenges to increase engagement and improve retention

Practice to perfection

Instead of having them practice in front of buyers, first test your reps’ knowledge and skills in action through AI-guided role-play and practice activities, ensuring that knowledge is used in key activities like sales pitches and demos

Prove the value

Analyze skill attainment from the organization level all the way down to individual contributors. Correlate winning behaviors with revenue, and then provide individualized remediation based on demonstrated skill gaps

Individualize training

Ensure that training doesn’t stop when reps hit the field. Provide contextual, just-in-time training that salespeople need to succeed, tailored for every selling situation and optimized to promote winning behaviors every time.

Build a coaching culture

Provide a blueprint at scale for frontline managers, individualized for every rep, so managers can identify and help reps overcome the skill gaps that hold them back.

Introhive gets new hires up and running faster, boosts productivity with Mindtickle

Reduction in time to productivity has been a huge win for Introhive, thanks to Mindtickle. It’s exceeded our expectations and we’re well positioned to meet our goals.

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Make your sales enablement programs relevant and individualized

Graduate from “one-size-fits-all” training.

Salespeople aren’t all alike, so don’t train them like they are. Instead, create individualized programs based on demonstrated strengths and weaknesses so reps spend their time in the areas that count and are ready to bring in business faster.

80% of reps forget what they learned in 1 month*

Reinforce learning so that reps employ training in the field.

Employ scientifically-proven spaced reinforcements that transfer training concepts to long-term memory so that your reps can recall and act in selling situations. Before reps hit the field, use AI-powered role-play scenarios for them to practice pitches, demos, and other customer-facing activities before money is on the line.

*Replication and Analysis of Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve
Jaap M. J. Murre and Joeri Dros

Screenshot of Mindtickle's core demo practice
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Prove the impact of sales enablement programs

Correlate enablement programs to business outcomes.

Quantify the impact of your programs, elevating the value of sales enablement as a critical component of revenue generation. Identify the winning behaviors that drive revenue, build programs around those behaviors, and then track how skills development affects revenue generation.

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Learn how the best sales leaders drive org-wide readiness

What do the most successful revenue organizations do differently? Find out in the Mindtickle-Heinz Readiness Report.

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Splunk leverages Mindtickle to coach with confidence

With Mindtickle as Splunk Coach’s engine, Splunk could now begin to take action on its main enablement objectives, including increasing sales rep productivity and overall revenue impact, and creating more engaging and personalized learning journeys.

Make sales enablement available 24/7

Provide just-in-time enablement with tight sales content management integration.

Enablement needs don’t stop once salespeople are in the field selling. They need quick access to content and training to prepare for sales interactions. Provide just-in-time training and content, microlearning, call recording snippets, reinforcement games, role-play exercises and more.

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