Boost Sales Productivity

Rely on your sales readiness platform to get the most out of your sales reps.

Boost Sales Productivity

Rely on your sales readiness platform to get the most out of your sales reps.

Increase Rep Efficiency 

Automate manual tasks with sales productivity tools so reps can focus more on high-value activities. 

The average sales rep spends over half their time on low-value tasks, such as administrative work and data entry. Unfortunately, this means their focus is pulled away from work that actually generates profit — high-value tasks such as working a lead or hosting a demo for a prospect. Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness platform provides the sales productivity tools that automate these low-value tasks so that sales reps can be more efficient and make the most of their workday.

Leverage Data to Identify Issues, Faster 

Actionable insights yield a stronger, more productive sales team. 

Nothing can be improved unless it’s measured. Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness platform leverages AI and sales analytics to deliver personalized, actionable and informative insights to managers so they can help their reps improve engagement and performance. 

Automate Workflows

Enabling easier collaboration helps reps get the feedback they need so they can improve sales productivity

The feedback loop among team members and their managers can often be less than smooth, which impedes a rep’s progress toward productivity. Mindtickle automates workflows so collaboration is seamless and transparent, enabling other team members and managers to easily weigh in on submitted audio or video recordings. The platform helps create accountability and a cadence for coaching, so it becomes something that is built in to managers’ and reps’ workdays. 

Ensure Ongoing Readiness, Accelerate Onboarding 

Start new reps off on the right foot and improve your sales team’s skills, engagement and win rates with microlearning and gamified knowledge retention activities.

Mindtickle is the only sales productivity software that drives improved time to productivity, reinforces skills and increases win rates with adaptive learning and automated training paths. From day one, new hires’ skills are assessed and deficiencies are identified through a specialized sales onboarding process. Reps participate in ongoing learning through Spaced Reinforcements — easily consumable updates delivered regularly and gamified content to help keep them engaged and prevent knowledge decay. Mindtickle empowers managers with sales productivity tools and rubrics to identify and close knowledge and skills gaps and drive greater productivity.

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