What’s the Difference between Sales Training and Sales Readiness?

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Sales readiness and sales training are the same things, right? Not quite.

While it’s a common misconception that sales training and readiness are the same, sales readiness actually encompasses much more than just training. Training is about knowledge, learning what you need to know about your customer, the product, your industry, and how to sell. When you train your reps you want to be sure they understand and retain what they have learned.

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But when you prepare your reps to be sales ready, you are ensuring that they have the skills they need for successful customer conversations. Sales readiness prepares your reps with an outcome-oriented approach. It is an agile way to ensure they are better prepared, more effective and achieve predictable results

Sales readiness covers everything your reps need to be ready for the moment of truth; when they’re in front of a prospect or customer. Training is obviously an important part of this, but in this day and age it’s not enough to just train your reps, they need to be agile as well. With so much information to consume, reps need to have the right inflow of product, competition and peer success information when they need it. They also need to be able to hone their craft on-the-go and receive guidance and feedback regardless of where they are.

Sales readiness is about enabling your reps so they have everything they need to maximize their effectiveness and productivity.

“Sales readiness is a continuous process of creating and executing strategies to ensure preparedness of an organization’s sales force to meet its business objectives.”