The Only Complete Sales Readiness Platform

Create a continuous state
of excellence

The Only Complete Sales Readiness Platform

Create a continuous state
of excellence

The readiness approach delivers results

The notion that 20% of sellers generate 80% of the revenue is under fire. Now more than ever, companies need a systematic approach to improve sales performance. There are multiple readiness gaps we need to address – enablement that’s easily forgotten, content that’s rarely used, and a lack of evidence about what happens during real-world customer conversations. Addressing these challenges with siloed technologies doesn’t work either.

Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Platform makes performance a movement involving enablement, leadership, frontline management and operations toward a single purpose. Readiness begins by defining excellence for the organization by creating ideal rep profiles. Next, enablement and training teams build knowledge the reps need to win, and align content to the sales process. Once reps are in the field, it enables sales leaders to analyze customer interactions using AI. And finally robust coaching solutions help optimize behavior to improve sales outcomes for individual reps.

Define excellence

Set the true north for the sales organization

Create performance goals and track skills and behaviors at the rep or team level. With sales leadership clearly aligned on the ideal rep profile, enablement and frontline managers can customize their training and coaching strategies to deliver personalized solutions to reps.

Define and track ideal rep profiles in Readiness Index

Build knowledge

Arm reps with the skills they need to win

Increase knowledge and skills through enablement, practice, and reinforcement solutions accelerate time to productivity and improve retention. Help reps learn from formal and informal sources, including games that drive learning and teamwork.

Deliver high-impact programs in Enablement & Reinforcement

Align content

Keep reps on-target and productive while selling

Share and track marketing assets with customers and prospects, identifying top prospects, content use by reps, and content effectiveness. Use advanced content governance to ensure that only approved content is accessed and used.

Access just-in-time content with Asset Hub

Analyze performance

Understand your reps’ real-world interactions with customers

Get direct insights into rep performance in the field through conversation intelligence. Understand rep performance, deal forecasts, market trends, and competitive situations like never before. Leverage insights to create personalized training and coaching opportunities for each individual.

Record and analyze sales meetings with Call AI

Analyze how reps learn and improve training and coaching effectiveness

Get role-based insights for improving sales performance. Uncover the entire gamut of data analytics – from adoption and engagement, to learning scores, conversation intelligence, and revenue outcomes. Use data to make strategic decisions.

Analyze enablement effectiveness and more in Readiness Insights

Optimize behaviors

Create a coaching culture across the team

Help reps constantly adapt and innovate through personalized coaching. Drives higher quota attainment by identifying and addressing exact gaps in learning, practice, and field behaviors.

Coach reps to peak performance with sales coaching