Summary of the Discussion

In 2023 revenue leaders – in front-line, enablement, or operations roles – are tasked with driving seller productivity improvements. But how are revenue organisations measuring, tracking, and improving productivity for individual sellers and teams? How do you compare to these organisations? What can you do to bring efficiency and productivity to your sales organisations? Mindtickle collected data on how 400+ global companies used its revenue enablement and operations solutions in 2022.

During the on-demand webinar you will learn:
  • The blueprint for successful readiness programs in uncertain economic conditions
  • How sales teams deploy high-engagement content in active deal pursuits
  • Uncover best practices and behaviours to equip your reps in recessionary sales situations and improve deal close rates through call insights and call scores
  • Insights and tips to coach reps to make the most of every buyer interaction
  • Revisit competency models, so company priorities and the matching skills, knowledge, and winning behaviours rapidly become habits in the field


Rahul Mathew
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Elisha Zhang
Product Marketing Manager