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Shripad Shukre
Sales Training Lead
I like MindTickle because it’s easy to use and I feel like I’m using a platform that will really help my learners instead of stressing them out.

Integrace Health enables their sales team from the top-down with Mindtickle.


  • Sales readiness platform under-utilized
  • Suboptimal acceptance from sales hierarchy
  • Inconsistency in enablement initiatives across the business
  • Integrating new business at different levels of maturity


  • Multi-level content to onboard new hires
  • Pitch practice and consumable content to improve product knowledge
  • Manager dashboards to gain insights, drive learning and gather regular feedback on progress
  • Certification program to onboard users on readiness platform and improve platform use


  • 78 – 82% approval rating from sales reps
  • Content easier for reps to consume
  • Top-down engagement with the platform
  • Onboarding time reduced from 22 to 5 days
  • Drastically reduced administrative time

To learn how Integrace Health uses Mindtickle to onboard and up-level their sales organization during COVID-19, download their COVID-19 response case study.