[Podcast] Choosing the Right Sales Methodology for Your Business – Episode 24

In this 14 minute podcast Dan explains:

  • How to choose the sales methodology that’s right for your business
  • What you need to execute a repeatable sales process that everyone can benefit from
  • The most common mistakes businesses make when implementing sales training

“Understanding what your customer is looking to solve and what’s the fastest way to get them to solve that problem is key,” states Dan Smith, Growth Specialist at Winning by Design. And he would know, Dan helps customers understand how to design and implement an effective sales process.

“I’ve seen change a lot in the last ten years around selling. People are struggling to sell effectively using old-school sales tactics. Companies that are successful are the ones that are adopting the selling style that their customers actually want to buy from,” he continues.

For most businesses, the challenge is identifying the right selling style and adapting it to their customers.

“There are a lot of good methodologies out there, and the trick to figuring out the right one for your business is really understanding what your sales cycles and process looks like today. The most popular one in Silicon Valley is The Challenger Sale, it’s focused on the provocative selling methodology. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a more transactional sales methodology,” Dan explains.

Once you identify the right sales methodology it’s then important to implement it effectively. This involves reps understanding their customer and addressing their needs.  “When you understand the buyer or an influencer very early on in the sales cycle, you can talk to them in a way that drives the endpoint home as quickly as possible,” comments Dan.