Sales Readiness Index

Define your Ideal Rep Profile. Track individuals and teams against it.

Set the benchmark for sales excellence

Define, analyze, and improve your sales readiness.

Mindtickle’s Readiness Index identifies personalized programs for your reps, regions, or teams to create more peak performers.

What is your Ideal Rep Profile™?

Every sales deal has a buyer and a seller. You know your ideal customer profile like the back of your hand. But what about the ideal rep?

Create more top reps

Use the Ideal Rep Profile™ on Mindtickle to track gaps in your reps and teams.

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Tie readiness to revenue

Tie in skills with Salesforce data on quota achievement, win rates, sales cycles, and pipelines.

Personalized approach to coaching

Customize programs, content, and coaching for every rep, region, or team.

Launch programs fast

Use templates based on the Sales Readiness Index to launch high-engagement, high-impact programs.

Set the true north for sales performance

You can target winning behaviors with the Sales Readiness Index. Here’s how.

  • Identify the top skills, competencies, and everyday behaviors you want in the Ideal Rep Profile™
  • Assign high, medium, and low importance to projects
  • Set benchmarks for top rep behaviors and revenue performance with Ideal Rep Profile™
Readiness index IRP
Elevator pitch certification exercise

Launch programs faster with templates

It’s easy to launch training programs fast using templates based on your Ideal Rep Profile™.

  • Create programs based on best practices around knowledge and skills
  • Start delivering training and enablement faster
  • Measure the impact of learning programs on skills and in-field performance

Visualize your org’s readiness level

Track readiness by rep, team, or region, and quickly address problem areas.

  • Understand how readiness scores change over time
  • Create more peak performers through customized learning programs and coaching
  • Optimize enablement efforts by focusing on reps and teams that need the most improvement
Readiness Index Scatter Plot
Readiness index spider chart

Connect readiness with revenue impact

Analyze rep behaviors against business metrics to identify where readiness efforts need to be amplified.

  • Pull in business metrics from Salesforce automatically
  • Report the business impact of enablement and coaching
  • Identify which reps and teams within the org need help from enablement and frontline managers

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