Sales Kickoffs

Make sales events and meetings a rocking readiness success.

Are your sales kickoffs just a party or an opportunity to educate?

While it’s important to celebrate those wins, kickoff meetings are an excellent opportunity to prepare your team for battle.

Mindtickle helps sales enablement, trainers, and sales leaders execute the perfect kickoff meetings and calls. Orchestrate a mix of virtual and in-person learning via instructor-led sessions alongside a wide mix of competitive and team-building exercises and games.

Teach reps without schooling them

Ensure your teams learn new knowledge and skills without overwhelming them.

Sales kickoffs and meetings are critical exercises but can be tough to execute well. Mindtickle brings you a wide variety of capabilities to deliver pre-, at-, and post-event learning experiences that ensure no one leaves without picking up key skills.

Easily share pre-reads

Create pre-event learning experiences so attendees are all well-prepared and presenters don’t have to repeat basic concepts during the kickoff.

Gamify learning

Make learning an exciting experience. Intersperse sessions with live or team challenges to introduce friendly competition.

Hear from the field

Use evidence collected in Call AI conversation intelligence to highlight the voice of your customer.

Reinforce learning

Follow up with quick updates, quizzes, practice, and reinforcement to ensure the knowledge sticks.

Deliver fun events full of learning opportunities

Ensure team members build skills and memories that last a lifetime.

Sales kickoffs are a strategic event. So are any other team QBRs or reviews. Mindtickle’s deep enablement and gamification capabilities ensure you move the needle on rep knowledge as well as team camaraderie.

Sales enablement phone badges

Deliver high-engagement sales trainings

Excel at sales kickoffs with careful planning and easy execution.

Mindtickle enablement programs are purpose-built to improve sales performance through engaging, sales-focused activities that build and reinforce knowledge at any sales event. Knowledge and skills built at these events can then be tracked all the way through to customer interactions and business results.

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Make learning at sales kickoffs exciting

With Mindtickle, reps learn faster at kickoffs, compete and collaborate at games, and ensure they double down on winning behaviors after the event.

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